Evogen’s VIP Training Experience in LA with Hany, Jeremy & Lauren, Part I

Part I of III

Join Founder/CEO Hany Rambod as he picks up Ocean Trail, the winner of the Evogen VIP Training Experience with Team Evogen Elite’s Lauren Findley for a VIP weekend in Los Angeles. Learn more about Ocean as the team hits The Mecca, Gold’s Venice, and the Firehouse. This unique perspective takes you behind the scenes before Hany takes the girls through an intense FST-7 shoulders workout at Metroflex Long Beach in part II.

Check out Evogen’s VIP Training Experience Part II here as Hany trains Lauren and Ocean in LA!


EVP Xtreme was designed to help facilitate extreme training, to make your muscles POP with incredible volumization and vascularity, all the while putting you in the zone to train your ass off.

Learn all about it here.

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