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Hadi Choopan & Jaclyn Baker Take Home Arnold Classic UK Titles

Hadi Choopan & Jaclyn Baker Take Home Arnold Classic UK Titles

First off, shout out to the Arnold Classic for putting on a free live stream. They have set a standard that I hope continues in this industry. That said, after watching the live stream of the 2024 Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic UK, it’s fair to say that the bodybuilding season isn’t just heating, it’s already a raging inferno.

Every competitor dedicates their days to becoming a champion in their sport. A true champion will find a way to win and when it comes to Hadi Choopan, he unfortunately needed to do way more than train and diet. Let me explain.

Following his 2024 Arnold Classic win in Columbus, Ohio, the next challenge he faced wasn’t a line-up of bodybuilders on a stage, it was his ability to get his visa to fly to the 2024 Arnold Classic UK.

At the eleventh hour, the stars began to align, and Hadi’s visa was approved, allowing him to hop on a plane to arrive in the UK 24 hours before pre-judging to do battle with Samson Dauda for the second time this year. Now it was time for the 24X Olympia winning coach to put the finishing touches on Choopan.

As if the 2024 Arnold Classic Columbus was exciting enough, we got to do it all again just weeks later.

Many thought Hadi Choopan looked his best ever a few weeks ago in Columbus, but what he showed at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK proved why Hadi is a threat to win the title, no matter what show he enters.

In typical Hadi fashion, he not only brought the size he’s known for but also the consistent conditioning that never seems to fade.

The 2024 bodybuilding season has only just begun, but if things continue the way they are trending, it’s anyone’s Sandow in October.

But the Persian Wolf wasn’t the only Team Evogen Elite Athlete to steal the show — sharing the limelight with him is Jaclyn Baker, whose stellar performance saw her clinch victory in the Fitness Division of the 2024 Arnold Classic UK and secure a commendable runner-up position in the 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio Fitness Division.


Hadi Choopan Left Fans Speechless at the 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio

After the 2023 Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan was already eyeing up 2024. After careful consideration from his coach, Hany Rambod, the game plan was made for Hadi to do the 2024 Arnold Classic.

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Hany had Hadi using the new Evogen Evoburn elite thermogenic powder throughout his prep, which brought Choopan in absolutely shredded in Ohio and at his all-time best. 

Hadi arrived in America about three weeks prior to the Arnold to fine-tune his physique with the 24X Olympia-winning coach at the Evogen Gym in Dallas, TX. If there’s one thing that Hadi loves, it’s training, and just a week out from the show, he was still at full strength.

On Friday night, Rambod had his FST-7 trained athlete full and super dry, ready to dominate, and that is exactly what he did. Choopan was pulled into center stage in the final callout, besting 2023 Arnold Champion Samson Dauda.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was impressed with Hadi’s physique stepping up to the stage for a selfie with The Persian Wolf.

On Saturday night, in typical fashion, The Pro Creator had Hadi dialed in even tighter for the finals, looking his best. The duo left no doubt in the judges’ minds in the final callouts. And new… 2024 Arnold Champion Hadi Choopan!

Hadi Choopan Grabs Second Title of the Year with Arnold Classic UK Win

Luckily for Hadi, a delayed visa wasn’t enough to throw him off and he was able to keep his focus on the 2024 Arnold Classic UK.

Undeterred, Choopan and Rambod rallied, and they were to channel adversity into opportunity, seizing the stage with a mind-blowing display of muscularity and conditioning.

From the Evogen Gym in Dallas, TX, to the hallowed grounds of the Arnold Classic Ohio, and then to the 2024 Arnold Classic UK stage, Choopan’s journey epitomizes the resilience of the human spirit, and Hadi seems to always do it with a smile on his face.

And when the final name was called Saturday night at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK, it was the hungry wolf that took home his second title of the year. Hadi wowed the judges and fans and once again took the crown as the new Arnold Classic UK Champion.


Jaclyn Baker Dazzles the Judges to Her 2024 Arnold Classic UK Fitness Title

While Hadi seemed to steal the show at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK, another Evogen Elite Athlete earned her spot center stage — Jaclyn Baker.

Coming off her 2nd place finish at the 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio, Baker was determined to turn things around in her favor at the UK show, and she definitely did not disappoint.

Jaclyn took home the win in the Arnold Classic UK Fitness Division. Baker’s graceful athleticism mesmerized the fans, earning her a well-deserved victory.

It’s going to be incredibly fun watching Jaclyn prep for the Olympia this year and bring her passion and energy to Vegas.

Team Evogen Elite’s Strong Showing

Beyond the individual wins of Choopan and Baker, Team Evogen Elite showcased their physiques across multiple categories at the Arnold Classic.

From Lili Dong’s standout performance in Wellness (5th in Wellness) to Ismael Martinez’s impressive 7th place showing in Men’s Physique, and Eric “The Bull” Brown Jr.’s commendable effort to place 9th in Classic Physique, each athlete proved their dedication and excellence that defines Team Evogen Elite.

As we close out the 2024 Arnold Classics, the victories of Hadi Choopan and Jaclyn Baker stand as a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Guided by the unwavering support of Team Evogen Elite, these athletes have rewritten the narrative of success, inspiring many who aspire to pursue their dreams.

The 2024 season has only just started, and already we have fans eagerly awaiting the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia. Stay tuned as Team Evogen Elite continues to hit the stage this year and impress not only the fans but the judges. More to come!

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