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      Tips to Help Stay Healthy and Keep Viruses Away

      Tips to Help Stay Healthy and Keep Viruses Away

      While we aren’t kids anymore and don’t believe in cooties, the fact is, many illnesses are being spread due to people not focusing on proper cleanliness.  The simplest of things are being forgotten which can cause all of us to become susceptible to various viruses and illnesses that can land us at the doctor’s office or worse – the hospital. Below, you will find a few tips you need to practice and implement immediately (if you aren’t already) to help stay healthy and prevent yourself from getting sick – and ultimately lowering the chance for you to spread viruses to everyone around you. 

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      What is 3D?

      What is 3D?

      19X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod's clients don’t train for top ten placings just like you don’t train for mediocre results. They train to win, and they want a quality brand they can trust to provide the best fuel for their engine. His track record of building extreme physiques is as legendary as those cartoonish “3D” popping images that come to mind when you think of the champions he coaches.

      The Pro Creator talks about the three steps necessary for building a 3D physique– 

      1) Training
      2) Nutrition
      3) Supplementation

      Now Evogen is giving you the same tools to build your own 3D physique and to take your training to a level you never thought was possible. Are you ready to #Get3D?



      Supplementing with EAAs for Maximum Anabolic Response

      Supplementing with EAAs for Maximum Anabolic Response
      The EAA movement is here and if you aren’t on top of it, you’re going to be left behind. While EAAs aren’t anabolic in the sense that they compare to a steroid cycle or prohormone, they do have properties that help maximize an anabolic response which, in turn, can help you not only put on lean muscle mass but also help preserve it when dieting.

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      The "O" Creator Stack 101

      The "O" Creator Stack 101

      No synergy of products in the history of sports nutrition can so much ensure the ultimate in awe-inspiring results as the THE O CREATOR STACK™. Increase lean mass while making remarkable increases in energy, pump, endurance and recovery. Try this stack once and you’ll see and feel once and for all, what everyone else is talking about –19X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod makes products that work.

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      S7: A Combination of 7 Plants for Insane Pumps

      S7: A Combination of 7 Plants for Insane Pumps

      No, we aren’t talking about the Audi S7 but I’m willing to bet this S7 will still put a smile on your face just the same. So, what are we talking about here? It’s the new patented S7 from FutureCeuticals, Inc. A precise combination of seven plant-based ingredients that have been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels by as much as 230%. And it should be noted that the increase shown from the research is in HUMAN studies, not rodent. If your eyes just popped out of your head, you’re not alone. With that much of an increase, you may need to go buy some sleeveless shirts.


      Why Should You Care?

      It’s simple. In the gym, we all chase “the pump.” It’s that skin-tightening feeling we get when our muscles are full of blood and our blood vessels become dilated, creating a vascular roadmap of veins. Essentially, you look bigger and fuller when the pump exists. Sure, this is only a temporary achievement, but the feeling and emotion that stems from having a pump are incredible.

      But other than the aesthetic reasons, why should you care about increasing nitric oxide levels in the body? It comes down to performance. By relaxing the walls of blood vessels and allowing nutrients to pass through the body more easily, you have the ability to shuttle key nutrients and oxygenated blood into the working muscles to not only help increase overall performance but also aid with recovery and decrease muscular fatigue – allowing you to train harder and longer.

      Now, you might be scratching your head as NO products have been around for quite a long time – and you’d be correct. But nothing like S7 has ever been done before – making it incredibly innovative and exciting for the entire sports nutrition and supplement industry.

      Jeff Van Drunen, President of FutureCeuticals, when talking about S7 mentioned, “The problem and solution rest in the fact that our bodies can produce a substantial and greater amount of NO internally without external supplementation of nitrates.”


      The Power of… Plants?

      Unless you live under a rock, you have seen the plant-based movement in full swing here of late. Consumers are looking for cleaner, organic, and more natural products from the food we eat to the supplements we consume. And consumers as a whole are becoming more educated in general about nutrition and supplementation which creates the need for brands to clean up their profiles and think about the ingredients they include in their formulation. Overall, this is a great thing which demands better overall quality of products as well as quality control. 

      S7 from FutureCeuticals is pushing the limits and is leading the front through plant-based performance products. With as little as 50mg, S7 can deliver incredible sleeve-tearing pumps. In fact, S7 is completely changing the way we think about and use vasodilation ingredients and products. S7 contains no nitrates (such as sodium nitrate, beets, leafy green vegetables) and helps the body produce its own (endogenous) nitric oxide rather than using exogenous sources.

      What makes up S7?

      • Green coffee bean extract
      • Green tea extract
      • Turmeric extract
      • Tart cherry
      • Blueberry
      • Broccoli
      • Kale

      It’s actually hard to believe the results that can be had through the use of this very specific combination of plants. We have yet to see anything like this on the market. Due to the nature of this plant-based ingredient, FutureCeuticals has mentioned that the applications are endless. S7 can be used in RTD beverages, capsules, tablets, energy drinks, as well as powdered products where the goal is to increase performance as well as a muscle pump.

      Who is S7 for?

      • Athletes
      • Bodybuilders
      • Gym-goers

      *S7 can truly be used by anyone, regardless of what their goal may be. There are many benefits to using a vasodilator and being that S7 is a clinically-tested plant-based ingredient, it can be suitable for any consumers active lifestyle.

      Use in Combination with Other Supplements

      Being that S7 is a natural ingredient made up of plants, it’s can be used in many different ways and with many other ingredients. Due to the versatility of such an ingredient, you will see S7 used in new Amino KEM elite EAA pump volumizer and EVP AQ premium liquid muscle volumizer.

      You can expect to see S7 in pre-workouts, intra-workouts, post-workouts, energy drinks and powders, recovery products, pump-specific products, and many other ready-to-mix or ready-to-drink supplements. S7 is an ingredient you want to be on the lookout for as the research and the results are astounding.