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Andrei and Hany Pound FST-7 Chest 4 Weeks Out

Andrei and Hany Pound FST-7 Chest 4 Weeks Out

22X Olympia Winning Coach and CEO Hany Rambod catches up with Evogen Elite's Andrei Deiu at Power Fitness in Santa Cruz, CA. The team is looking to improve upon Andrei's physique from his pro debut in Romania with some FST-7 chest.

Go behind the scenes as they pound FST-7 chest 4 weeks out from the 2020 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

Best of all, you have the opportunity to utilize the same workout and supplements that Andrei is using for this prep. Below, you will find all of the supplement Andrei uses and when, along with the video above where Hany puts Andrei through a brutal FST-7 chest workout. 

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If you want to build a massive chest and look your best, follow along as Hany puts Andrei through the paces with FST-7 chest.


  • 1 scops EVP 3D
  • 1 cap EVP AQ


  • 1 scoop Aminokem




Incline Chest Press

  • 2 sets 10-15 reps



Incline Chest Press

  • 4 sets 10-12 reps
  • Last 2 sets Superset With 5 partials 


Cable Fly

  • 10-15 reps 4 sets 
  • Super set with 5 Partials and 10 seconds Posing


Machine Dips

  • 10-15 reps 4 sets


Cable Push Downs

  • Standing 10-12 reps

Super Set 

Overhead Tricep Extensions

  • 10-12 reps 4 sets 


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