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Train with the Pro Creator: Andrei FST-7 Shoulders 10 Days Out from his Olympia Debut

Train with the Pro Creator: Andrei FST-7 Shoulders 10 Days Out from his Olympia Debut


22X Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod catches up with Evogen Elite's IFBB Pro Andrei Deiu at Santa Cruz Power Fitness to finish off his prep for the 2020 Mr.Olympia in Las Vegas with some FST-7 shoulders.

Last year, Andrei won his IFBB Pro League debut in Romania qualifying for his first Olympia. Now, he's fine-tuning things 10 days out with Hany as he runs through a brutal FST-7 shoulders workout.

Best of all, you can follow along and implement the same FST-7 shoulders routine Hany pushes Andrei through. Take some notes and apply it to your shoulder day this week and let us know how it goes!

Go behind the scenes with Hany Rambod as he sets Andrei's shoulders on fire in this FST-7 workout 10 days out. 

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  • 1 scoop EVP 3D
  • 1/2 cap EVP AQ



  • 1 Scoop AminoKEM



Lateral Raises  

  • 10 reps
  • 4 sets



    Lateral Raises  

    • 10-12 reps 4 sets
    • Last Set Drop set


    Seated Shoulder Press

    • 4 sets
    • 15 reps Increase weight each Set

    Super Set with

    Seated Shoulder Press (Palms Facing In)

    • 4 sets
    • 15 reps


    Bent Over rear Dumbbell Flys

    • 4 sets
    • 15 reps


    Leaning Cable Lateral Raises

    • 4 sets
    • 15 reps each side


    Cable Front Raises (ropes between legs) 

    • 4 sets
    • 15 reps each side


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