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Why Athletes Should Consume Carbs Post-Workout

Why Athletes Should Consume Carbs Post-Workout

Carbohydrates and bodybuilding share an unusual relationship, as it is often misunderstood in today’s society that seems to demonize carbohydrates. But, if you utilized carbohydrates at very specific times and purposes, you may find several benefits of consuming this macronutrient – especially post-workout.

But let’s get straight to the point. The idea of taking post-workout carbs is quite a simple one. After an intense workout, our body gets depleted of glycogen (which is nothing more than carbs being stored in our body), which then needs to be replaced. Failing to do so can cause your body to slam on the brakes when it comes to muscle recovery and muscle building. 

If someone tells you that they like to eat pasta after a workout, you may be taken aback. But surprisingly, they’re not wrong with their protocol. That said, there are other carbohydrates out there that are more effective, and that can be added to something such as a protein shake or even taken as a standalone supplement.

There are many of us who are confused about how carbohydrates play a factor in growth and recovery, while others simply worry about the carbs they consume contributing to an increase in body fat levels.

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Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss some of the benefits that come with consuming carbs post-workout.


Carbs Help with Muscle Recovery

In our body, glycogen stores are used as fuel when we work out, and eating carbs post-workout helps replenish them. According to studies, consuming around 0.5 to 0.7 grams of carbs per 1-1.5kg of body weight within half an hour after a workout can result in significant glycogen synthesis.

Besides that, insulin secretion that promotes the synthesis of glycogen is better stimulated when protein and carbohydrates are consumed together. Hence, when you take both protein and post-workout carbs, it can increase both protein and glycogen synthesis.

During a workout, your muscles use glucose in the form of energy and glycogen. After a point, both start to decrease, which can cause your performance to decline.

If we keep putting our muscles under a load of intense workouts when glycogen is depleted, a hormone called cortisol gets secreted, which has extreme catabolic effects and is also known as a stress hormone. This can result in loss of muscle tissue and fatigue if not appropriately managed.

If you consume carbs post-workout, you can avoid the process of gluconeogenesis as glucose and glycogen are provided via simple carbs, and it helps improve muscle recovery as well as muscle building.


Post-Workout Carbs Improve Endurance and Energy 

Another significant benefit of carbs post-workout is that you can feel reenergized and regain your energy levels. Carbs can also help you get rid of lethargy and hunger following a rigorous workout. Carbs have the power to transform you from feeling wiped out and fatigued to super pumped and well-fueled. All while in the background working its magic to aid in muscle recovery.


The Insulin Benefit 

The glycemic index is used to measure how quickly a particular food can increase blood sugar levels, leading to the release of insulin in the bloodstream. Usually, it is advised to eat low glycemic index value foods to not trigger a spike in a person’s insulin levels. But, when it comes to post-workout, the opposite is actually preferred. 

We need insulin levels to be elevated post-workout so that the carbs can reach and saturate the muscle cells as fast as possible following a grueling workout. The spike in insulin also helps in driving other key nutrients to the muscle cells as well.


Carbohydrates to Consume Post-Workout 

Below are two examples of post-workout carbohydrates. One is dextrose (a commonly used carbohydrate in various endurance and recovery formulas due to its low cost) and a newer carbohydrate (homopolysaccharide) that has been patented and is commonly referred to as Karbolyn®.

  1. Dextrose – Consuming pure glucose, which is also known as dextrose, post-workout means our body does not require digesting it. Post-workout, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream almost as quickly as it is ingested. It gets to your muscle cells very fast, and there is no need for the body to digest it. 

The result is a quick replenishment of muscle glycogen.

Additionally, this helps keep muscles stocked up with enough glycogen for upcoming workouts and pulls water into the muscle cells, which in turn can maximize muscle size.

  1. Karbolyn® – Karbolyn belongs to the family of homopolysaccharides. It has some unique properties, such as:

This unique carbohydrate does not cause any stomach bloat or discomfort like dextrose and other carbohydrates can. One of its attributes is that it can pass through the stomach extremely quickly and can be absorbed as much as 80% faster than sources like dextrose, maltodextrin, and waxy maize.

Karbolyn is sugar-free, tastes fantastic, and easily mixes in your post-workout beverage of choice. It is produced using a recently made “Enzymatic Milling Process.” The food source is potato, corn, and rice. The finished product is a molecular mass polysaccharide that is quickly absorbed, causing no side effects or discomfort.

This post-workout carb acts like a pump as it pulls water and nutrients along with it into the muscle and muscle cells. This efficient carbohydrate moves much quicker through the stomach than dextrose.  

Consuming Karbolyn post-workout can help in rapid recovery from your training. This inflates the muscle fibers and allows for the fascia to stretch, which aids in muscle growth.


Performance Enhancing Super Carb Matrix 

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, endurance athlete, or a weekend warrior who lives an active lifestyle, implementing and working your carbs around workouts and training is imperative.

When “The Pro Creator” himself, Hany Rambod, looked at the current state of the industry when first starting Evogen Nutrition, there was a bunch of dextrose and maltodextrin-based products out on the market that was causing stomach issues with his professional athletes. He knew there had to be something better. 

That’s when Hany found Karbolyn. A lightbulb lit up, and the idea for Evogen Nutrition GlycoJect was born. Hany took this powerful and patented ingredient and combined it with a matrix of other ingredients to help maximize and enhance the effects you can achieve.

Being one of the first products launched under Evogen and to this day still a top seller, Evogen Nutrition GlycoJect is a hyper-volumizing, nutrient delivery complex that is specifically designed to accelerate the uptake of glucose and key muscle-building nutrients into the muscle cells.

GlycoJect is the Gold Standard and sets the bar high for what a carbohydrate supplement should look like. It contains none of those useless fillers and low-quality carb sources that leave you bloated and feeling miserable.  

Not only can GlycoJect help replenish and restore glycogen levels to aid in recovery, but it also helps increase cellular volume to provide your muscles with fullness and a pump while also aiding in maintaining proper hydration by flooding the muscle cells with water.  

No longer should you cringe at the thought of carbs post-workout or anytime surrounding your workouts. With Evogen Nutrition GlycoJect, you can leverage the power of Karbolyn to achieve unreal results from your training and recovery protocol.

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