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6 Benefits of Using Pure Whey Protein Isolate

6 Benefits of Using Pure Whey Protein Isolate

Fitness goals cannot be achieved by merely working out regularly or going for a run every day. You also need to maximize the effects of working out by providing your body with muscle-building nutrients to recover properly. One such product that can help with this process is whey protein isolate (WPI).

Sure, there are many different types of protein supplements out there, ranging from whey protein concentrate to a slower-digesting casein, but for most, whey protein will suit their needs and goals.

Whey protein isolate can help you achieve your health, fitness, and physique goals by providing high-quality post-workout nutrition. 

Before we talk about the benefits that you may experience, let’s dive into exactly what whey protein isolate is so you have a better understanding of how it compares to the other forms of protein available on the market.


What is Whey Protein Isolate? 

If you wonder which whey to go with your protein powder choices (a little protein humor), whey protein isolate can be an effective way for you to supply your muscles with the quality nutrients they need to recover and grow.

Whey isolate is by far one of the best forms of protein available on the market, and the reason behind it is that they generally lack the fats, carbs, lactose, and cholesterol that are found in many other forms of protein powder.

Whey protein isolate, which is also commonly referred to as “whey isolate,” is a natural by-product from the production process of cheese. It is a dry, powdery material that can be used to produce many products such as meats, candies, and even various beverages.

In the whey protein isolate manufacturing process, we get the purest forms of complete protein. It has a much higher concentration of protein than most other forms of whey, such as whey protein concentrate (WPC).

Furthermore, the manufacturing process to achieve whey protein isolate helps eliminate the excess lactose and fats from the whey powder, creating a cleaner profile than many other forms of protein supplements. 

Thanks to the manufacturing process of this high-quality form of protein, you have the ability to find some whey protein isolate powders on the market that are carb and cholesterol-free. This is great if you follow a specialized diet where you need to watch your carb and cholesterol intake for health reasons.


Who Should Use WPI? 

Whey protein isolate is ideal for those who do not want any fat or carbohydrates in their diet plan (or at least don’t want them in a supplement and would rather eat them). In general, whey protein is low in carbs, fat, lactose, and calories, and it gives you an ideal dietary supplement to aid in muscle-building and strength.

Bodybuilders who are lactose intolerant, have digestion issues, or even bloat easily when consuming lactose can reach for a whey protein isolate as its micro-filtration process eliminates enough lactose that it should not be an issue. That said, if you have severe lactose allergies or intolerance, start with only a little first to test out the product and make sure it does not cause you any issues.

Most WPI products you’ll find on the market are a WPI90, meaning nearly all of the whey protein isolate that you’re taking in will be absorbed and utilized by the body.


The Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

Now that we understand that whey protein isolate is a complete form of protein that is rich in amino acids, the question is what benefits you can expect from consuming a whey protein isolate supplement?

Below, you will find six benefits that you can experience when supplementing with a WPI product.


1. Low in Fat and Carbs

To find something that is low in fat and carbs is quite a remarkable find – especially when you need to keep them low if you’re following a special diet. While there are a lot of products out there loaded with extra carbs and fat, whey protein isolate is low in both. Using a WPI can provide your body with the protein it needs without the added calories coming from other macronutrients.


2. Whey Protein Isolate Can Be Easily Digested

Whey protein isolate can be easily digested as it has a high absorption rate and can be processed much faster than other forms of protein. Consume the whey isolate with the liquid of your choice for better absorption and quick uptake. It helps regulate bowel movements, and in specific forms, it can be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. Due to the quality and absorption process of WPI, research has found that whey protein isolate can improve fasting lipids as well as insulin levels.


3. WPI Contains All the Essential Amino Acids 

At its purest form of protein, whey protein isolate has all the nine essential amino acids. These amino acids help with proper muscle repair and muscle protein synthesis. Studies have found that while BCAAs help maximize recovery and muscle growth when all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) are used, there was an increase in muscle protein synthesis by as much as 50% over the use of just BCAAs alone. 

Some other keys to the amino acid profile in WPI are that glutamine and leucine help stimulate protein synthesis right after a training session and are responsible for decreasing tissue damage and improving endurance. Additionally, cysteine assists in creating glutathione, which is a very potent antioxidant that has the ability to help preserve and maintain lean muscle mass.


4. Whey Protein Isolate Improves Muscle Mass and Tissue Repair

It is important that you consume whey protein isolate if you want to see quality lean muscle tissue growth and repair. You can supplement with WPI pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout to promote muscle strength and improve the muscle repair process.

When you engage in resistance training, you’re creating micro-tears in the muscle fibers. In order for these tears to be repaired and allow your tissues to come back bigger and stronger, you need a quality protein supplement like whey protein isolate that has a complete essential amino acid profile to support muscle tissue repair and growth. If you aren’t able to recover fully between workouts, your results may be diminished.


5. WPI for Athletic Performance 

Athletes generally tend to go for a whey protein isolate supplement to enhance their overall performance and improve lean muscle mass. As our body gets exposed to physical stress from things like resistance training, muscle tissue is naturally broken down and repaired.

Whey protein isolate optimizes the process of muscle repair by speeding up the time it takes to regenerate muscle tissue. In addition, glutathione production is increased, and it also supports with the efforts of building and repairing lean muscle tissue.


6. Prevent Muscle Wasting  

Whey protein isolate can benefit those who suffer from muscle wasting diseases. Whey isolate can also be good for senior citizens and those who may be losing muscle mass because of natural aging.

More importantly, to those who are reading this and probably put themselves in a caloric deficit to strip away body fat, WPI can help preserve your lean muscle tissue even when dieting. This is important as you want to preserve as much muscle tissue as possible, not only to enhance your overall look and physique, but the more lean tissue you preserve and maintain, the higher your metabolic rate is to help you effectively burn calories all day long.

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Do You Want to Improve Muscle Growth and Recovery? 

That’s a stupid question… of course, you do! Who would say, “Na, I’m good.” Adding lean muscle tissue enhances your physique and provides you with a stronger, more muscular, and more athletic appearance. 

If you’re looking for a new protein powder that aligns with your goals and provides you with the highest-quality ingredients, pick up a tub of Evogen Nutrition IsoJect. This whey protein isolate powder comes in 10 delicious flavors that you’ll look forward to drinking daily to meet your protein requirements and aid in muscle growth and recovery.

What makes Evogen Nutrition IsoJect different from every other WPI on the market? It’s thanks to the IGNITOR™ enzyme technology that helps the body rapidly digest and absorb the protein to further enhance the recovery process. 

Don’t settle for inferior whey protein isolate products. Reach for Evogen Nutrition IsoJect and see for yourself why so many make the switch to this ultra-pure whey protein isolate to increase muscle growth and recovery. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

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