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FST7 Tip Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford's Favorite Exercises for Glutes and Hamstrings

FST7 Tip Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford's Favorite Exercises for Glutes and Hamstrings

24X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod sits down with 2023 Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford to talk about his favorite exercises for glutes and hamstrings.

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Derek credits his success to belt squats, adductors, hip thrusts or glute bridges. He emphasizes Bulgarian split squats and lunges as really having an effect on his success in winning the Mr. Olympia title.  Hany's favorites include walking lunges, noting they are super underrated and even doing kickbacks from time to time for the mind muscle connection.  

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Pro Tip: Derek likes to warm up with variations of hamstring curls and straight leg deadlights preferring the barbell, but he notes the effectiveness of dumbbells as well especially varying the speed of the rep and foot position.


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