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FST7 Tip The Key To Seated Hamstring Curls

FST7 Tip The Key To Seated Hamstring Curls

24X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod talks about the key to seated hamstring curls with 2024 Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic UK champion Hadi Choopan. The most important thing is to keep your butt down on the pad throughout the range of motion and your hips back. 

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To target the hamstring effectively you have to setup the machine with the right biomechanics.  Line up the knee with the counterpoint and come all the way down maximizing the range of motion top of bottom. 

Pro Tip: Do not cheap the repetitions with partial reps. Only use partials at the end for more intensity.

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  • Hany,
    Thank You very much for making the teaching accessible!
    I am disabled and love watching Y’all work: Working to be Winners and Champions!
    P.S. I am praying and doing all I can to be better and healthier and come back to Bodybuilding.

    Damon G Runyon

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