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FST-7 Tip How To Get A Small Waist?

FST-7 Tip How To Get A Small Waist?

In this week's FST-7 Tip of The Week Hany Rambod covers HOW TO GET A SMALL WAIST which is something coveted by every bodybuilder across all divisions. A small waist allows an athlete to show off their V-taper earning points from the judges. Even if a bodybuilder doesn't have the biggest back and chest in the game, having a tiny waist can provide the illusion needed to showcase a more impressive V-taper.

Learn from 22X Olympia winning coach as he provides insight about overeating which leads to bloating and distension in the stomach. Being even the slightest bit bloated can completely derail your look and physique (especially on stage). If you want to get a small waist, you need to focus on your nutrition, how your body reacts to the food you eat, and more.

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Adding digestive enzymes and probiotics will also help improve digestion by using gut flora to maximize absorption rates. Not all digestive enzymes and probiotics are created equal, though. So, it's important to understand what you're taking and using when trying to get a small waist.

Additionally, be careful of different exercises that will strengthen your core, but also widen your waist. You'll see many people loading up the ab machines with a ton of weight thinking they're impressing everyone. Yet, the only thing they are doing is making their waist thicker rather than working to get a small waist.

Hany breaks it all down in this video. Don't miss it!


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