FST-7 Tip Does Age Affect Training and Recovery?

FST-7 Tip Does Age Affect Training and Recovery?

In this week's FST-7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition Hany Rambod answers the question does age affect training and recovery? Truth be told yes 100% but you need to train smarter as oppose to harder when you get older. The 20X Olympia winning coach explains why time under tension is important to optimize mind muscle connection. 

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Thank you for addressing how training and recovery are effected by age. I’ve followed your training philosophy and training wisdom over the years even as a non-competitor. At 74 I have maintained most of my muscle by training smarter with more time under tension with less weight, as you suggested. I’m blessed to still be lifting with challenging weights and no major injuries. Training and good nutrition to support that training are the fountain of youth. Thank you for all the knowledge you bring to the sport of body building and to those of us who just want to stay strong, fit and healthy as we add years. Www.fitandhealthyaging.com.


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