5 Ways To Get 3D Arms

5 Ways To Get 3D Arms

If you’re like many others, you want bigger arms. You’d do just about anything to get your small arms to grow, right? Well, there are a few principles that you can do to get those 3D arms you’ve always wanted.

In this article, we are going to look at a few different methods of training along with some techniques you can apply to your workouts to get 3D arms. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it when you can put on any shirt you want, and it hugs your massive arms.

Here are six things you should make a priority during arm day.


1. Focus on the Eccentric Portion of Arm Movements 

Far too many people are focused on the concentric portion of the motion where you are shortening the muscle when in actuality, the eccentric or elongating portion of the movement is what causes the most damage to the muscle fibers.

In order to effectively break down the muscle fibers and promote hypertrophy to achieve 3D arms, slow things down and really control the eccentric portion of your arm movements.

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If you have a cadence of two seconds on the concentric portion of the movement, that’s fine, you want to contract the muscle as hard as you can. But then, on the eccentric, slow it down to a cadence of around four seconds and really fight the weight as the muscle is being stretched.



2. Mix Up Reps and Weight for 3D Arms 

For the longest time, the rep range for hypertrophy has been between 8-12 reps. Research backs this up. But it’s not the only way to fix small arms and get those 3D arms you’re after. 

Play with your reps and see how your body responds. Rather than sticking to the 8-12 reps, lower it down to six reps and see how your body responds. Try increasing the reps to between 15-20 and see what happens too. You can still achieve 3D arms with higher reps. However, it’s important to note that you need to hit absolute muscle failure in those higher reps. If you have some reps left in the tank, you’re not going to stress the muscle fibers enough to progressively overload them and enhance growth. 

Remember, just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it works for everyone. The same goes with rep ranges. Play around and experiment. Increasing or decreasing the reps may be precisely what you need to fix small arms. Bear in mind that you’ll need to adjust the weight you use depending on the direction you take your rep range.


3. Emphasize Your Triceps 

The biceps are put up on a pedestal as what creates 3D arms, but you can’t get mind-blowing arms without emphasizing the triceps. The triceps make up the most pronounced size in the upper arm and should not be forgotten about.

Sure, having an impressive biceps peak is sought-after, but if you have nothing filling out your arm, they’re still going to look tiny and unimpressive. Heavy triceps movements like the triceps pushdown, close-grip bench, and other triceps-focused movements should be a priority in your arm workouts. Dense and thick triceps will quickly add the size you need to achieve 3D arms.


4. Get Your Bis to Peak with Supination 

One role of the biceps is to help in supination. Yet, we see people all the time in gyms simply moving the weights up and down and not focusing on supination at the top of biceps movements (obviously, this wouldn’t occur or be important on things like hammer curls).

As you bring the weight up and fully contract the muscle, you should focus on supinating your wrist, which will bring your pinkies higher than your thumbs. If you look down while doing curls and notice your palms are parallel with the ground and your pinkies are in-line with your thumbs, you’re not supinating. Really focus on twisting your wrist and feeling a deeper contraction to achieve 3D arms. 

When you look in the mirror during curls, you will notice a difference in the look of your biceps (as well as the feel) when you’re supinating and when you’re not. You should see more of a pronounced “ball” forming when you fully supinate your biceps when executing the movement correctly. If you don’t, you know you aren’t supinating.


5. Hit Your Arms Twice a Week 

If you find your arms are falling behind the rest of your body, it’s time to make them a focus and priority. While it’s not always ideal to go with the “more is better” mentality, increasing how often you hit your arms can mean the difference between small arms and massive 3D arms.

Are you currently doing a “bro split” where you are hitting your arms once a week? If so, hitting them a second time could be exactly what you need to see the growth you’ve been missing. The key is to ensure your arms have fully recovered from the previous workout before going back to the gym to annihilate them again.

You absolutely need to leave at least 24 hours between arm workouts, but hitting them 48 or even 72 hours later may be exactly what you need before crushing another arm day. Your workouts don’t even need to be the same. You can change up your exercises and even rep range during your second arm day to hit and overload the muscle fibers.



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