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Elite Athlete Spotlight: Cindy M.

Elite Athlete Spotlight: Cindy M.

June 2018 Feature | Cindy M.

Age: 24
Stage Weight: 106 lbs
Height: 5'3"
Instagram: @cynthia_monicaa
Hello everyone! My name is Cindy and I'm a Bay Area native, licensed Real Estate Agent, and fitness-obsessed NBA Professional Dancer for the Golden State Warriors. I am here to share my fitness journey with you as an Athlete who recently joined Team Evogen Elite! Fitness and nutrition have always been interests of mine, and after my second season on the Warriors dance team, I had a desire to learn more.
Though the constant training and dance practices for the Warriors kept me active, I had the urge to challenge myself even further. I wanted to see if I could push myself to the next level, and this sparked my interest to start training for my first bikini competition in the beginning of 2018. I was ready to take on this challenge and to dedicate everything to prep in order to transform my body!
I was introduced to Evogen Nutrition by my coach Kim Oddo. He recommended that I use Isoject Whey Isolate Protein at the start of my prep. I immediately noticed the significant difference it made on my stomach compared to other whey proteins I had tried in the past. I didn't feel bloated at all and the taste was phenomenal!
Then Coach Kim had me begin drinking Evogreens once or twice a day. I now consider this to be one of the best probiotic drinks out there, because I had always struggled with digestive and stomach issues throughout my life, but Evogreens has completely changed that for me. Not once during my prep did I ever feel bloated or feel any stomach discomfort, it was truly amazing.
At this point, I knew that Evogen Nutrition was a game changer and that I needed to learn more about this company’s products! Later that spring, after I had put in a supplement order on the Evogen website, I noticed that they were located in Campbell, CA. I was excited to see that such an amazing company was so close to me.
After using the products, I decided to reach out to Hany Rambod on Instagram. I “slid” into his Direct Messages and told him how much I loved his products and asked if Evogen was looking for brand ambassadors.
Believe it or not, he responded to me! This is something that I never thought would happen, because he has well over 400K followers. I thought that my message would get lost in the shuffle, but I gave it a shot, and let me tell you, it was worth it! Hany was pleasantly surprised by how close I lived to company headquarters, and we thought this presented a great collaboration opportunity since I was local.
Fast forward, I was invited to Evogen headquarters and became a part of Team Evogen Elite! I got a chance to model some new apparel and sign my ambassador paperwork to become an official Evogen Athlete!
While at headquarter that day, Hany and I talked for well over an hour about my goals and where he could see me growing in the fitness industry. I was truly starstruck that he genuinely believed in me and was taking so much time to discuss my goals. He thought it was a great idea to train for my first bikini competition and gave me his insight on what paths to take.
Evogen has never worked with a professional dancer before, so I wanted to prove to everyone how dedicated I was to this team and how hard I could train for this show with the support of the ultimate Pro-Creator himself.
I am forever grateful that Hany took a chance on selecting me to be a part of his team. I am here to make him and the team proud! For the next two months after my initial visit to Evogen, I really put my head down and stayed focused.
I was training twice a day and following a strict meal plan that changed every week. I seriously loved the training process for my competition and the way that I felt from eating so clean. My digestive system was so happy with the change and I had tons of energy throughout my whole prep.
The hardest part about training for a competition is really your own mindset. You have to get out of your own head, stay determined, and be self-disciplined enough to stick to your plan.
The biggest competition you face in a bikini competition is YOUR MIND. If you can conquer that, then you have already won the battle. I loved the challenge and seeing the changes in my body, and this motivated me to keep going.
I used Evogen products every single day during prep, so it’s hard to pick my favorites! Here are a few of my top products that I utilized and that I recommend to others: -
Carnigen has been an absolute life saver! The amount of cardio that is required, especially towards the end of prep, can be exhausting. Having Carnigen as an energy catalyst before every cardio session really helped me stay on track.
Lipocide IR, a fat burning powder, is what I paired with Carnigen for my morning cardio sessions. Lipocide IR not only tastes amazing, but gave me amazing results during the last four weeks of my prep.
Last but NOT least, EVOGREENS has to be highlighted. This immune system booster and probiotic blend helped save my digestive system and kept me healthy throughout my prep.
When Evogen announced the chocolate and berry flavors, I couldn't have been more ecstatic! They taste so good! It's hard for me to believe that just three weeks ago I walked away from my first ever NPC Bikini Competition with two first place wins and two Overall Champion titles in both Novice and True Novice.
I am forever grateful to Hany and Team Evogen Elite for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to become an ambassador, because without them, I don't think I would be where I am today - crowned an Overall Champion at Spectrum Fitness Productions Nor Cal Championships 2018.
What an incredible journey!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVOGEN.
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