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Team Evogen Elite Spotlight: Mark “The Shark” Black

Team Evogen Elite Spotlight: Mark “The Shark” Black

Mark “The Shark” Black is from San Diego California. Mark was a collegiate track and field athlete who sustained an injury in 2004. Mark’s experience with track and field led him to coach youth track and field in his community of Southeast San Diego for USATF 2005-2010 where he led his team to several Junior Olympic titles. Mark began competing in the NPC in 2014 and is currently one of the top ranked NPC Men’s Physique competitors with a notable 12 class wins, 2 Overall titles and a Top 3 at the 2017 NPC USA Championships.  

Mark’s training style is progressive resistance weight training (FST-7). He also incorporates hiking and MMA athletic performance conditioning into his training regimen. Mark shares “I chose (begged lol) to become an Evogen Athlete because I truly believe they create the best supplements for my athletic performance evidenced by their extensive research proven athletic testing and high-quality ingredients. Evogen Nutrition has taken my physique from average to world class over the past few years.” Mark plans to earn his spot in the IFBB Pro League and eventually compete on the world’s biggest stage at the Olympia. Black plans to motivate encourage and inspire natural athletes and prospective natural athletes all around the world showing them the “impossible” can be done with the right tools and work ethic.  
Please welcome Mark “The Shark” Black to our Evogen Nutrition family!
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