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Long Weekend? It’s Time to Detox Your System

Long Weekend? It’s Time to Detox Your System

Summer night parties, holiday get-togethers, weddings, and other celebratory moments all tend to have many of the same things in common. What are they? Alcohol, unhealthy food, fun, and great memories. While you want the fun and memories to last forever, you don’t want poor nutritional choices to follow you around. Consuming food you normally don’t eat and drinking excessively can turn your digestive system upside down and cause you to feel horrible. That’s where a quick detox can settle things down and return your system to normalcy.


A Total Body Hangover

Even if you don’t drink at a party or celebration, you’re probably not sticking too closely to your diet, right? How do you generally feel the next day or even later on during the same day? Probably awful, no? Your stomach hurts, you’re bloated, and in many cases cause you to get backed up and constipated. 

All of that food can get bound up and stuck in your digestive tract and can leave you feeling terrible. On top of the food from the party getting stuck, on average, Americans tend to carry anywhere from 5-20 pounds of “junk” in their intestines.

When your digestive system isn’t functioning optimally, it can affect your whole body. You may find you’re lethargic, have zero motivation to work out, can’t seem to focus, and have no drive to do much of anything. Your digestive tract is essentially a hub for your entire body, and therefore you need to treat it with utmost importance.

Even if you didn’t party hard over the weekend, it would still be a good idea to detox and flush some of that nastiness out of your system that has been accumulating.

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Digestive Cleanse and Detox 

At any given point, you have waste byproducts, fermentation taking place, unhealthy bacteria, and toxins floating around in your digestive system. This can cause many health issues, and if you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, these things can sideline you or at least decrease your performance and soften the look and feel of your physique. 

When various waste and toxins build up in your digestive tract, you can experience intense bloating and discomfort. Your body may be able to help flush things out over time, but sometimes, everything gets so backed up and compacted in your system that you need a little extra “push” to flush the waste out of your system.

By utilizing a detox, you help eliminate the toxins that have built up, which can allow you to feel revitalized, refreshed, and restored.


What Are Some Natural Ways to Detox?

Short of giving yourself an enema (you’ll probably want to avoid that unless you enjoy that kind of thing), there are several ways you can naturally help detox your digestive tract to remove toxins and help things move throughout the digestive system with ease.

Additionally, a detox is going to help you eliminate all of the “extra” stuff sitting in your digestive tract as is, which can help reduce abdominal bloating and help you achieve a thinner and tighter midsection.

Disclaimer: Before doing any type of detox or cleanse, consult with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to go through the process, as well as ensure what you use during your detox will not interact with any medications you may currently be taking.

Some of the things you can do and use for a natural detox and cleanse include:


1.  Consume More Water 

One of the best things you can do to help detox and cleanse the system is to replace all beverages and liquids you’d typically consume and swap them out for water. Water will help you stay hydrated while also helping to regulate digestion and push waste through the digestive tract.


2. Eat More Fiber 

Fiber aids in keeping you regular while also adding “bulk” to bowel movements. Another aspect of fiber when it comes to a detox is its ability to help enhance healthy gut bacteria, which aids in proper digestion. You can take a fiber supplement or consume more naturally high-fiber foods like nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, and grains.


3. Utilize Probiotics

Probiotics are nothing new and have been used for years to aid in cleansing the body and helping detox the system. You can leverage probiotic supplements (generally found in pill form), or you can include healthy foods that contain beneficial probiotics, such as Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, or any other fermented food you enjoy eating. Evogen Nutrition Evogreens, premium performance greens formula, is also a great source of probiotics.


4. Try a Saltwater Flush 

Many people find a saltwater flush helps them “unclog their pipes.” This entails mixing either two teaspoons of a pink Himalayan salt or sea salt in with lukewarm water and drinking it first thing in the morning upon waking and before you eat breakfast. It may also be repeated at night if necessary to get things moving.


5. Do a Fast

Your system can get overloaded and overworked. Some individuals will implement a 24-hour fast to help reset their system and detox their digestive tract, while others will utilize more of an intermittent fasting protocol where they will fast for 16 hours and have an 8-hour feeding window. Such a protocol helps your digestive system take a break and rejuvenate itself.


6. Drink Herbal Teas 

There are people who swear by herbal teas for detox purposes. Most of the herbal teas you will find are a natural laxative and can help flush out toxins and ease constipation symptoms. Herbal teas are also high in antioxidants and can support digestive health.


7. Add Ginger to Meals or Beverages

When it comes to a detox and cleanse, ginger is a fantastic natural remedy. You can add ginger to your meals, eat it by itself, or add ginger juice to water. Ginger helps stimulate digestion and can help you more easily push out toxins and waste that is backed up in your system from a long weekend of eating and drinking.


Get Light & Tight!

Whether you’re a competitor or merely an active individual who’s trying to look and feel their best, you probably want to have a nice, tight midsection. Achieving that is nearly impossible if you’re constantly bloated and are holding onto excess waste in your digestive tract. For that reason, Hany Rambod created Evogen Nutrition Light & Tight.

Evogen Nutrition Light & Tight is an innovative 14-day digestive cleanse and detox supplement. When trying to get shredding and expose those deep cuts in your abs, even the slightest bloating or constipation can blur your hard work in the gym and kitchen. When you look in the mirror, does it appear that you have a distended stomach? That’s not body fat, that’s severe bloating due to a buildup of waste and toxins.

The solution to such a problem is to use Light & Tight and watch the bloating and distention disappear. This product can be used anytime when needed, such as before a big event or vacation, after a long weekend of partying, or anytime you want to reset and restore your digestive tract.

Evogen Nutrition Light & Tight helps flush out the gut and intestines while also supporting proper gut health through the use of patented PreforPro® prebiotic, which aids in eliminating harmful bacteria and creating a healthy microbiome.

Want a harder and leaner physique? It’s time to detox your system with the help of Evogen Nutrition Light & Tight!

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