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FST-7 Shoulders and Calves 5 Days Out with Derek Lunsford

FST-7 Shoulders and Calves 5 Days Out with Derek Lunsford

With the Mr. Olympia returning to Las Vegas in less than five days, IFBB Pro Derek Lunsford and 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod put in their final workout of the year hitting some FST-7 shoulders and calves.

Lunsford will take the stage for the first time in the Open class and The Pro Creator leaves no stone unturned as they look to make history with back to back wins at the Olympia Weekend – 2021 in the 212 and Under Class and 2022 in the Open Class. Follow behind the scenes as Rambod pushes the champ through FST-7 shoulders and calves.

While you're at it, take some notes while watching this video so that you can implement some of the same techniques that Hany and Derek are using to hit some FST-7 shoulders and calves to put the final touches on Derek's crazy physique.

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Don't miss this video if you're looking to add some serious size and refinement to your shoulders and calves.

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