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Evogen Announces The Launch of Three New Products at the 2019 Olympia Weekend

Evogen Announces The Launch of Three New Products at the 2019 Olympia Weekend

Evogen Nutrition, a globally distributed sports nutrition company founded by 22X Olympia winning coach Hany “The Pro Creator” Rambod, is pleased to announce the launch of three new products at the 2019 Olympia Expo. First is an extension of the ever popular Cell K.E.M., all-new Amino K.E.M, elite EAA pump volumizer, featuring S7™ technology. The brand also extends the popular EVP line with all-new EVP Xtreme N.O. featured patented NO3-T™ nitrate technology and new EVP® AQ, premium liquid muscle volumizer, with GlycoSpan™ and a clinical dose of S7™ which has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (N.O.) levels by 230%. In 2008, Hany founded Evogen with the original non-stimulant EVP® preworkout.

“After working diligently with my R&D testing a great number of different formulas, I am super excited to launch these three new products to the public at the Olympia Weekend. In beta-testing, we’ve seen extreme levels of blood volumization, leaving the user looking and feeling 3D. I can’t imagine the pump and muscle volumizing effects if an athlete were to stack all three products together!” said Rambod.

Over the last 24 months Evogen Nutrition has shifted strategic positioning going from a high-end boutique supplement brand, to an aggressive and rapidly growing force in the global supplement industry. With the recent launches of new Evolog™ – elite nutrition partitioning agent, and the addition of great tasting Evofusion™ – premium sustained protein maxtrix, and the critically acclaimed AminoJect™ – premium amino acid accelerator, now available in Lightning Lemon Lime and Sour Orange Gummy Bear, they are positioning themselves for more accelerated growth.

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