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Evogen and Hany Rambod Take Over the 2022 Mr. Olympia!

Evogen and Hany Rambod Take Over the 2022 Mr. Olympia!

Going into the 2022 Mr. Olympia, there was a lot of hype about the Men’s Open division. With the many Evogen Nutrition athletes in the show under the watchful eye of Hany Rambod, it was an exciting time to see all the hard work these athletes put into their prep over the past year. That said, the Evogen Nutrition Elite Athletes did not disappoint.

Leading up to the 2022 Mr. Olympia, there was much buzz about Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford. Both 212 competitors in the past who moved up to play with the mass monsters in the Open division. The only thing standing in their way was reigning champion Big Ramy. Both Hadi and Derek stuck to the plan put in place by Hany Rambod, lined up the competition, and decisively knocked them all out. 

Hany Rambod walked into the 2022 Mr. Olympia with 20 wins under his belt. What would happen in a matter of two days was nothing short of monumental.


Cydney Gillon Claims Her 6th Straight Figure Olympia Title 

For years the pack of figure competitors has been on a mission to take the title away from Cydney, and each year, they continue to fall in line behind the champ.

Cydney Gillon has once again shown the Figure division that she plays to win, and she took this prep extremely seriously. Bringing a package to the stage that demands attention and executing on a plan allows her to continue to dominate the division.

How many titles in a row can Cydney go? While the competition is fierce, Cydney could very well stay on top for many years to come. It’s going to be exciting to see what she brings to the stage in 2023 and if she can continue her streak of Olympia titles. 

Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford Took Over the 2022 Mr. Olympia 

Hadi Choopan, who could be the most exciting athlete in the Men’s Open division, has come close to taking home the Sandow trophy several years in a row. In order to win this year, he needed to bring his best package to date, and he did not disappoint.

When the athletes walked out for pre-judging, the internet exploded that Hadi and Derek would be fighting for the win at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Both Hadi and Derek won over the crowd, fans, and bodybuilding community with their size, symmetry, shape, and conditioning.

With each passing minute of the 2022 Mr. Olympia, The Persian Wolf, Hadi Choopan, got harder and harder. It seems as if with each pose, more and more definition and striations were coming through his muscle-bound physique. From front to back, head to toe, Hadi Choopan was diced. Just looking at his face and demeanor, you knew how confident Hadi was up on the 2022 Mr. Olympia stage.

As the Saturday night show came to the final stages and the top five competitors were starting to be called, the arena exploded when Ramy’s name was called in 5th place. It was at that very moment everyone knew a newly crowned champion was to be named that very night. The only question being asked was, “Is it Hadi or Derek?” 

Bob Chick stared at the final two men standing on that stage — Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford. With much anticipation, Hadi’s name was announced as the winner, and the place erupted with cheers.

"I am so proud of Hadi Choopan. He has been training for 23 years for this moment. He works hard every day, every workout, every set, every rep and to see him realize his dream is a special moment. I'm grateful to be a part of it. It is very difficult for someone from Iran to get a Visa to travel to United States. There is a lot of paperwork, but we were able to get him here this year to Dallas to train together for the last six weeks. To see his hard work pay off means everything." said Rambod.

You couldn’t paint a better ending to the 2022 Mr. Olympia with two athletes under the watchful eye of Hany Rambod and Evogen Nutrition placing 1st and 2nd in the Men’s Open. 

That all being said, Derek Lunsford could have been the athlete with the most weight on their shoulders. After getting a special invite and moving up from the 212 division, could Derek do enough in the off-season to bring a package worthy of the top five? Well, placing 2nd behind Hadi was no small feat.

Derek put on an insane amount of size in 2022, and many were curious if he could dial things in during his prep to place well, not really knowing how his body would respond to the added size. And as we all witnessed, Derek brought it, and it now makes the 2023 Mr. Olympia even more exciting to see Hadi and Derek do battle once again for the Sandow.

Hany said, "When Derek and I made the decision to do the Open class, he really committed to making the necessary improvements to not only compete against the big boys, but to win the Mr. Olympia. In my opinion Derek didn't necessarily lose as the judges decision could have gone either way. I'm really proud of the package we brought to Las Vegas. The future is bright for Lunsford."

Hany Rambod Secures 22 Olympia Titles

With so much pressure going into the 2022 Mr. Olympia, the man of the hour when it was all said and done was Hany Rambod. Being called “The Pro Creator” doesn’t do this man justice. Merely getting competitors to the pro stage isn’t enough for Hany.

Hany Rambod takes elite athletes and turns them into untouchable champions. From Jay Cutler to Phil Heath and many others between and since, Hany Rambod is truly the greatest coach out there. 

Walking into the 2022 Mr. Olympia with 20 titles already under his belt, I don’t believe even Hany thought the weekend would end the way it did. On Friday night, Hany took his 21st Olympia title when Cydney won Figure, and then Saturday night, earning his 22nd with Hadi.

When Hany agrees to work with an athlete, it’s understood that the process they’re going to go through will be unlike anything they’ve gone through in the past. Between the mental training aspect and pushing their bodies through grueling FST-7 training protocols, Hany has clearly figured out the process needed to build champions. With 22 Olympia titles now to his name, the only question we should be wondering is how many more he’ll earn in 2023?

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