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5 Ways to Stay Lean During the Holidays

5 Ways to Stay Lean During the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous time where we get to surround ourselves with friends and family and focus on the things that mean the most to us.  While this time can bring us all closer, it’s also a time that can lead you further away from your health and fitness goals.  In an effort to keep you on track this holiday season, I’ve come up with five ways to stay lean during the holidays that you can follow so you don’t come out of the holidays frustrated and with tighter fitting pants.

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning

If you want to stay lean during the holidays, you’re going to need to ensure you still fit in your workouts.  A simple way to prioritize this is to wake up and hit the gym first thing.  This not only gets your workout out of the way, but it will also help you feel happier and more energize during the day as well.

  1. Have a game plan for holiday meals

Planning meals on a daily basis helps many people drop weight or add the quality size they are looking for.  With that being said, if you want to stay lean during the holidays you need a game plan for holiday meals.  Ask the host if you can bring something to the meal and inquire about what they are having and how you can help.  This will give you a mental image of the layout of the food choices.  Then, when you get there, you know exactly what you should look for and what you should “stay clear of” upon arrival.  They say calories don’t count during holidays but tell that to your waistline post-holiday.

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  1. Limit liquid calories

Liquid calories are generally empty calories during the holidays as people enjoy adult beverages and sugary drinks.  If you’re truly sticking to your nutrition plan, refrain from consuming such beverages.  If you’re loosening up a little for the holiday and want to partake in some with friends/family, at least limit your alcohol and soda consumption and be sure to drink plenty of water between glasses of your favorite adult beverage(s).

  1. Pre-game (not the drinking kind)

Drinking water before a meal is a great way to trick your brain into thinking you are full since it fills the stomach.  Another pre-game trick to help stay lean during the holidays is when choosing your appetizers or snack items prior to a meal, fill up on fibrous foods to help you feel satiated.  Loading up your snack plate with nuts and vegetables will always be your best bet.  And if you can find protein sources such as shrimp cocktail, you can never go wrong with taking in some added protein versus something carb or sugar-heavy.

  1. Help your body utilize carbs rather than store them

You want the food you consume to work for you, not against you – right?  Evogen Nutrition’s Evolog is the perfect supplement to not only help you stay lean during the holidays but rather any time of the year.  With improved glucose optimization, you have the ability to shuttle carbohydrates into the muscles to be used to enhance both recovery and energy levels rather than being stored as body fat.  All you need to do is take one capsule with your high-carbohydrate meal(s).  For best results, you can take up to three capsules per day – one with each large meal if you wish.


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