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Cydney Gillon and Damian Segovia Quest for 6

Cydney Gillon and Damian Segovia Quest for 6

Team Evogen links up with the reigning 5X Figure Olympia Champ IFBB Pro Cydney Gillon and Evogen Elite Coach Damian Segovia as they dial in 5 weeks out from the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas. Follow behind the scenes at Pro Physiques in Arizona and learn what it takes to be a multi-time Olympia Champion.

In the video, you can watch Damian Segovia put Cydney Gillon through a brutal shoulder workout to help her round out her shoulders to impress the judges at this year's Olympia. Can she take back the title this year? With the work she's been putting in, you'd be crazy to not look at Cydney Gillon as a major contender for the win.

Below, you can check out the shoulder workout that Cydney Gillon is following, along with the supplements she used during this brutal shoulder workout.

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  • 1 scoop Amino KEM


During contest prep Damian focuses on volume and speed for deep separation for Cydney with about 45 seconds of rest in between sets

Incline DB Press

Arizona and learn what it WARM UP
Incline DB Press

  • 2 sets to fatigue 


Standing DB Shoulder Press

  • 3 sets X 12-15 reps

Side Lateral Raises (using New Bells)

  • 3 sets X 12-15 reps 
  • working into a drop set for the final set

Machine Shoulder Press (version of a Viking Press)

  • 3 sets X 12-15 reps to failure

Reverse Pec Deck (rear delts)
Superset with Standing DM Flys

  • 3 sets X 12-15 reps

Machine Side Delt Raises (palms parallel to the floor)

  • 3 sets X 12-15 reps 




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