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10 Tips to Fast-Track Your Beach Body This Summer

10 Tips to Fast-Track Your Beach Body This Summer

The beach has been calling your name. You waited three full seasons and warm weather is finally here. But if you’re like most Americans, you’re probably looking at your beach attire wondering if it still fits. We’ve all been there. The moment you question how the heck you fit in that. You get motivated to fit back into it and see yourself relaxing on the beach watching your worries wash away like the tide with a head-turning beach body.

The next step to seeing yourself get there generally tends to be some sort of crash diet that has you feeling miserable until you finally give up in disgust. It doesn’t have to be like that in order to achieve your beach body.

In this article, I’m going to give you 10 tips that you can use to fast-track your beach body this year where you don’t need to live off of eating three crackers each day just to lose weight (which is an exaggeration, but you get the point).

  1. Manipulate Your Macros
There’s no other way to put it – your success or failure will happen in the kitchen. What you put in your mouth will make or break your beach body this year. If you want to drop body fat and look your best, you will need to be in a caloric deficit. There’s no other way around it. If your maintenance calories are at 2,000 per day, you should lower your calories by 250 to 500 each day to lose 0.5-1lb of weight each week. Don’t crash diet by dropping your calories drastically or you’ll demolish your metabolism and put yourself in a bad position for fat loss. Simply lower your carbs and/or fat while keeping your protein intake moderate.
  1. Crush Some Cardio
Cardio is your friend, despite how you feel while actually doing it. Cardio helps you burn calories and body fat. It’s also a great way to help put you in a caloric deficit each day. 30 minutes would be a great starting point for your cardio sessions and as you start to get leaner, you may find you need to either increase the intensity or bump up how long you do your cardio sessions. You can also supplement your (fasted) cardio sessions with the Shred Fast IR or Shred Fast Xtreme Stack from Evogen to maximize your results.
  1. Wreck The Weights
When you think of a beach body, I’m sure you envision a rock-hard, lean physique with defined abs. Well, nothing is impossible if you put in the time and work but you also can’t forget about resistance training. You need to hit the weights to increase your metabolic rate. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn each day – even while at rest. Don’t negate the weight room thinking all you need is proper nutrition and cardio. Weights play an important role in the success of your beach body efforts.
  1. HIIT it Hard
Change up your workouts by introducing HIIT. This can be anything from a 30-second all-out effort followed by a 60-second recovery (lower intensity phase) for 15-20 minutes or even an inclusion of resistance training during your “recovery phase” which would follow an all-out max-effort phase. HIIT is a fantastic way to burn calories quickly and efficiently to help you achieve the beach body you desire. Note: HIIT training sessions are intense and if you aren’t conditioned enough, start slowly and work up the intensity as you are able.
  1. Hunger Pang Prevention
A great way to achieve success with your beach body efforts is to not only consume foods that are satiating but also consume snacks that align with your goals. Fiber is your friend and should be included throughout your meals. When it comes to snacking, chose something like nuts, some type of protein source (think along the lines of hard-boiled eggs or beef jerky), or even some healthy vegetables that you can dip in hummus for some added protein.
  1. Sufficient Shut-Eye
Sleep is one of the most under-utilized tips when it comes to beach body success and dropping body fat. Sleep helps regulate hormones, allows your body to properly recover from intense workouts, and helps you feel fresh and energized to tackle the day ahead. I’m sure you’ve been there before where you didn’t get enough sleep and the following day was unproductive because you felt lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. This can be detrimental to your success. Strive for a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep each night and you can wake up ready to take the next step in achieving your goals. 
  1. Water Works Wonders
The majority of your body is made up of water – including your muscles. So, why would you not think drinking water throughout the day is a good idea? In fact, it’s a GREAT idea. There are so many health benefits to drinking water along with the hydration benefits as well which are extremely important when you are training hard and perspiring. Water can also help you achieve your beach body by helping you feel satiated throughout the day. If you feel hungry, more than likely your body is actually saying that it needs water, not food. Try drinking a glass of water and see if your hunger subsides. If not, grab a healthy snack or fit in one of your meals. Use water as a tool to prevent yourself from overeating.
  1. Tough Trainers
Just because YOU want a beach body doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Sure, you could find some friends or family members to exercise with, but if you want your butt kicked, go hire a qualified personal trainer to put you through the wringer. It’s their job to get you results and if you aren’t sure how to go through this process on your own or you need a little help, hiring a certified trainer is a great idea to fast-track your success.
  1. Thermogenic Torch
In order to get your metabolism revving, sometimes it takes a little help. In this case, it’s a thermogenic torch that can light a fire and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Thermogenics are not magic pills or powders – they are a tool. Or, call it what it is… a supplement. That being said, you still need to put in the work with your training as well as pay close attention to your nutrition. For the sake of this article, a great place to start while you’re already on the site is to check out Evogen Lipocide IR and Lipocide Xtreme. Both are extremely potent thermogenics that help metabolize fat, aid in controlling appetite, as well as provide you with an increase in energy and focus. Everything you need to help fast-track your beach body. 
  1. Supplement Smarter
While proper nutrition and exercise is 100% necessary for success and should be the first option you choose, using supplements as a tool can be extremely beneficial. From a nutrition standpoint, not everyone finds it easy taking in enough protein on a daily basis. If you are striving for one gram of protein per pound of body weight and you weigh 200 pounds, that can equate to a lot of food you need to consume. Utilizing something like a protein powder (such as IsoJect) can help you reach your daily intake without potentially dreading sitting down for another meal. It’s about convenience. Something else you should consider (regardless of your goals) would be a multivitamin. Getting all of your micronutrients is extremely important for overall health and when you set yourself up for success from the ground up with a solid foundation, achieving your beach body this year can become even easier. If you’re looking for a solid multivitamin, check out the Evovite.


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