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Thermogenics 101: How They Work

Thermogenics 101: How They Work

When it comes to supplements, one of the best-selling categories are thermogenics (or you may know them more commonly referred to as “fat burners”). A survey conducted showed that of those who were trying to lose weight, more than 30% used a thermogenic supplement of some sort to help speed up their weight loss progress.

What exactly is the purpose of thermogenics? As the name would imply (thermo), they are used to increase heat production in the body, or also known as thermogenesis. This generally takes place by increasing the metabolic rate so that energy is produced from the utilization of food consumed and also from what is stored in the body (such as body fat for example). 

How Thermogenics Work

When you think of thermogenics, you may have some specific brands or products that come to mind, but in the end, it all comes down to the actual ingredient or ingredients that make up the formula. Not all products are created equal as some thermogenic products contain anywhere from one single ingredient to many (more than a handful) of ingredients. Some of the most commonly used ingredients that are used in thermogenics would be caffeine, yohimbine, synephrine, green tea, garcinia cambogia, and capsaicin.  It should be noted, however, that thermogenics don’t work unless you do (they aren’t miracle products) and you need to put yourself in a caloric deficit to see results. If you take a thermogenic on a regular basis but you still eat a bunch of junk and sit on the couch all day, the effects and results will be limited. Sure, you may see a little difference on the scale, but the results would be amplified when combined with a sound exercise and nutrition plan.

In fact, research has shown that metabolic rate is indeed elevated when thermogenics are used during exercise to help you burn calories more efficiently. That being said, even while at rest you will notice your metabolic rate can be elevated – which is a good thing. While the purpose of thermogenic supplements is to create body heat, there is also a thermic effect of consuming food. Protein has the highest thermic effect of all the macronutrients and creates the most heat following a meal. That’s why it’s so important to combine the three pillars described (exercise, nutrition, supplements) to maximize your results and put yourself in the position to burn body fat and improve your overall body composition. 

Are There Concerns or Side Effects? 

As with any supplement, you should consult with your doctor prior to use (especially if you are using any type of medications). Supplements, particularly thermogenics, affect individuals differently. If you are sensitive to stimulants, thermogenics will seem extremely potent and could cause you to suffer from jitters, irritability, and even cause you to stay awake at night. However, when used as directed, thermogenics can be extremely safe to use. 

Stack the Deck in Your Favor to See Fat Loss Results 

You want results. We want to see you get the results you desire. For that reason, we have launched products on our Evogen Carnigen line, including best-selling Carnigen and Carnigen Plus) as well as our Evogen Lipocide line, including the versatile thermogenic new and stronger formula Lipocide IR powder and the one capsule potent Lipocide Xtreme, to help fast-track your results. When you utilize any of the products from these two lines and combine them with an exercise program and nutrition plan, you have stacked the deck in your favor and are primed to help turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

To save money and get shredded fast– try our best selling Shred Fast IR stack or the Shred Fast Xtreme stack.

Use thermogenics as a tool, not a solution. There is no sit on your butt magic pill that will change your body composition without you putting in the work. However, our thermogenics have gotten pretty dang close – try them for yourself and experience the power behind these potent formulas.


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