Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part I

Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part I

Part I // Evogen Founder/CEO Hany Rambod takes you back to his roots and explains how Evogen was born in 2008. Follow the 20X Olympia winning coach as he talks about launching stimulant-free EVP® after hundreds of versions of the formula to perfect it before he made it available to his FST-7 clients. A year later he introduced Cell KEM™ and GlycoJect™ soon followed. For Rambod, it wasn't about putting out the most products it was about putting out the best products to help competitive athletes achieve a 3D look.

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Alvin Campogan

Do you export directly to Saudi Arabia? If yes how it will be? If no what is the best way to have your products in Saudi Arabia?


Sadeq Mansour Algharqan

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