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Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part II

Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part II

Part II // Company History of Evogen

Part II // Evogen Founder/CEO Hany Rambod talks about why he launched a $70 non-stimulant pre-workout in the height of the stimulant based pre-workout category in 2008. Most people said he was crazy for doing so, especially when all of the stim-based pre-workouts were a fraction of the cost.

But the man behind the madness knew what he was doing and had a feeling that if he could just get people to try EVP, they'd be hooked and never look at another stimulant-based pre-workout ever again.

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In this video, you can follow the 22X Olympia winning coach as he discusses his philosophy to make products with high quality ingredients, proper formulation at the proper ratios.

That's why some of Evogen's original formulas have stood the test of time over a decade with EVP®, Cell KEM™ and GlycoJect™. Only recently has EVP been reformulated into EVP-3D and Cell KEM now has a sister product in new Amino KEM™.

Now Rambod's focus has shifted away from taking on FST-7 clients to helping others achieve their ultimate physique by bringing the best products to the market to achieve a 3D look through Evogen Nutrition.


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  • I been buying Richa Piana products since 2017 and found quality is lacking after his death try to be loyal with his brand but, I decided to go on a new adventure. Since 22x tiles under your supervision what can go wrong lol. I would like to lean some I’m 214lbs 5’11" I been going to gym 3-4 times a week. I’m in my early 50s so age is playing a factory just got to work harder. Any suggestions thank you.

    Raul Morales
  • Evogen & Nutrition Palace very amazing tnx a lot for everything and my gifts🙏🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐💐🫡

  • I use EVOGEN amino kim and EVP and AQ lol i use all prod
    And i change better and i feel it in first day tell NOW EVOGEN is the best

    Ayoub Alsuwaidi

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