Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part II

Company History of Evogen with Hany Rambod, Part II

Part II // Company History

Part II // Evogen Founder/CEO Hany Rambod talks about why he launched a $70 non-stimulant pre-workout in the height of the stimulant based pre-workout category in 2008. Follow the 20X Olympia winning coach as he discusses his philosophy to make products with high quality ingredients, proper formulation at the proper ratios. That's why some of Evogen's original formulas have stood the test of time over a decade with EVP®, Cell KEM™ and GlycoJect™. Only recently has EVP been reformulated into EVP-3D and Cell KEM now has a sister product in new Amino KEM™. Now Rambod's focus has shifted away from taking on FST-7 clients to helping others achieve their ultimate physique by bringing the best products to the market to achieve a 3D look through Evogen Nutrition.


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No pude comprar No hacen envíos a Puerto Rico?

Urbano Ruiz

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Goodmorng. My Quastion is plz tell me wich one i can take Prework out i mean u have 3 types of Prework Out witch one good for me. Mediant. 2ng Quastion is How we use Aminojet Its During Work out or what?

Gurpreet SIngh

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