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  • The Lowdown on HIIT Cardio

    The Lowdown on HIIT Cardio

    THE BASICS: What is HIIT Cardio? HIIT cardio is rapidly gaining popularity in the fitness industry and among exercisers of all levels as the “IT” cardio to do! HIIT, aka "high intensity interval training," is any workout that alternates between...

  • Abs 101

    Abs 101

    Do you want a flat, toned stomach? Are you one of those women who follow motivational pages? Do you have an abdominal area which you would like to tone up, but do not know where to start? Well, allow me...

  • The Jazmin Journal: Purpose

    The Jazmin Journal: Purpose

        Evogen Athlete Jazmin Pineda is prepping for her very first NPC Bikini competition. She's tested herself physically, emotionally and mentally, and has learned a lot about her own personal strength. Training can be grueling at times, and her...

  • Calves 101

    Calves 101

    Want to Build Massive Calves? If you want to build some head-turning calves, be prepared to put in the work as it's not going to be easy. That's not to say it won't be worth it in the end. Below,...

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  • The Devil is in the Deltoids

    The Devil is in the Deltoids

    Being a strong woman goes far beyond physical attributes. However, among factors such as confidence, drive, and independence, a woman can also show her strength through building a beautifully strong physique. Deltoids are my all-time favorite muscle group to train,...

  • Athleticism of an Olympian

    Athleticism of an Olympian

    Building an Olympia level physique while simultaneously executing an elite level fitness routine is a craft that requires a strategic training schedule, an unwavering ability to sustain a rigorous workout regimen, a meticulous nutrition plan and the best supplementation you...