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Hany Rambod's Ultimate Guide FST-7 Shoulders and Triceps

YOUR GET-WIDE WORKOUT w/ FST-7 Shoulders and Triceps

The purpose of this FST-7 shoulders and triceps workout is to help you build a massive set of shoulders: round, thick, and full. If you're posing on stage, your shoulders need to look wide from all angles, even from the back. So, in this workout, you'll hit each of your three deltoid heads—front, middle, and rear—for 3D growth.

When you've completed all the regular sets in this FST-7 shoulders and tricps session, you'll finish off your delts with FST-7 sets. The goal of FST-7, or fascia stretch training, is to expand and create microscopic tears in the connective sheath—the fascia—surrounding the muscle fibers. These tears are achieved by flooding the muscle with blood while you work toward the most epic pump of your life!


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