Joining Team Evogen Elite with Superstar Lauren Findley

Joining Team Evogen Elite with Superstar Lauren Findley

Team Evogen sits down at Jersey Shore Fitness with rising NPC Figure superstar Lauren Findley to talk about her experience with Hany Rambod and Evogen Nutrition. Lauren originally started out with the company as a brand ambassador. After being invited out to an expo with Evogen, Rambod knew she had a bright future with the company. When she started training for her show, Hany asked to look over her contest prep and the rest is history. Watch the video for the full story and learn more about how you can be the next Evogen Elite superstar! Interested in joining Team Evogen Elite? Check out the program details here and submit your application today! [block id="join-team-evogen-elite_lauren-hany"]
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Hello, i am A big fan evogen nutrition join me .

swapnamay Haldar

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Please I want to join the team. I have very interested in your products

Gulbahar Hussain

I’m a 59 year old man that’s still works out..i look like am in my 40,anodyne still in pretty good shape I think I have what it takes in the right hands to take over seniors fitness world..

Donnell Sharp

I watch Lauren’s workouts and then I replay them and workout with her. It’s been a big help in getting me back on my feet and keeping my head together to stay in the game of building muscle after my car accident December 2017

Leghistla Craft

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