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Evogen's Lauren Findley Trains FST-7 Legs for Maximum Gains!

Evogen's Lauren Findley Trains FST-7 Legs for Maximum Gains!

Team Evogen's NPC Figure athlete Lauren Findley trains FST-7 legs for maximum gains one week out from her Figure Overall win at the 2017 NPC South Jersey Championships.

You can follow Lauren as she crushes an FST-7 legs workout. Take the information, tips, and exercises from Lauren's workout and apply them to your own workouts to help build award-winning legs on stage. Turn heads with impressive wheels.

We also have all of the supplements that Lauren used for this workout that you can purchase and use during your own training sessions to help get the best results possible.

Build your own stems of steel with the FST-7 legs workout below, or check out Lauren's stage pics from her recent win here.


FST-7 Legs

FST-7 Extensions - 7 x 10-12 w/ 30 sec. rest

Smith Squats - 5 x 20 w/ 2 min. rest

Barbell Walking Lunges - 4 x 10 per leg

FST-7 Vertical Leg Press - 7 x 12-15 w/ 60 sec. rest  


1.5 scoop EVP Plus

1 Scoop Cell K.E.M.

.5 scoop GlycoJect


1 Scoop Cell K.E.M.

.5 scoop GlycoJect

1 scoop AminoJect


.5 scoop GlycoJect

1 scoop IsoJect

Learn all about it here.

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  • I LOVE that Lauren has not had a breast augmentation! Some people have told me that you can’t be a successful figure competitor without it. Thank you, Lauren, for proving them wrong! ??❤️


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