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3 Ways to Optimize LISS Cardio to Enhance Your Weight Loss Results

3 Ways to Optimize LISS Cardio to Enhance Your Weight Loss Results

There are two main types of cardio you hear about today – LISS and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). As the title would indicate, this article will discuss why many prefer to utilize LISS cardio (low-intensity steady state) as part of their exercise program. The two forms of cardio tend to be polar opposites, like hot and cold temperatures. Yet, both have their advantages and can do a great job of helping you burn body fat and improving your weight loss results.


What is LISS Cardio?

If you were to ask a group of fitness enthusiasts if they prefer to utilize LISS cardio or HIIT cardio in their program, you’d get a mix of answers. However, LISS cardio seems to be a favorite for most, though, as it’s an “easier” form of aerobic fat-burning.

That being said, while the intensity isn’t high, it does require you to increase the duration of your cardio session when compared to a high-intensity form like HIIT. The recommended duration for a LISS cardio session will be anywhere from 45-60 minutes of continuous activity. There are no rest or recovery periods when engaging in LISS cardio.

As mentioned above, LISS cardio is a low-intensity steady state form of cardio. You can think of this as riding a bike, walking, swimming, rowing, using a stepmill, and even hiking. LISS cardio should allow you to hold a conversation while engaging in the activity and will generally be around 50-60% of your heart rate max. If you’re finding it difficult to hold a conversation, lower your intensity.

LISS cardio has been found to be associated with improvements in blood flow, increases in cardiovascular health and endurance, and the ability to decrease the risk of heart disease. 

When looking to fit LISS cardio into your routine, a good starting point would be three days a week. As your fitness level increases or you want to enhance your fat-burning potential, you may add additional days.


Why Should You Implement LISS Into Your Cardio Routine? 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced exerciser, LISS cardio is something you can use to your advantage, regardless of if you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight, or improve your cardiovascular conditioning.

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To be fully transparent, due to LISS cardio being a steady state form, some individuals may find it somewhat dull and boring. It would be ideal to play music, listen to a podcast or audiobook, or have something showing on television to help pass the time and take your mind off of what you’re doing. Many even catch up on their Netflix shows while doing their cardio. Some will watch shows on their tablet or smartphone if they don’t have a television where they are doing their cardio.

Below are three of the main benefits of LISS cardio and why you should use it to optimize your weight loss results.


1.     Improve Fat Burning Without Pounding Your Joints

For starters, LISS cardio is a great way to effectively burn body fat and enhance your weight loss results. But one of the main reasons so many gravitate towards this form of cardio is that depending on the form of cardio you choose (such as swimming, cycling, and rowing, for example), there is less pounding and force put on your joints. 

Those who have knee issues may find forms like running or sprinting put a lot of stress on their knees and can cause pain and inflammation. When this happens, the individual needs to rest and recover their joints just to be able to do another round of cardio for the week, which is counterproductive.


2.     Achieve Great Results with “Minimal Effort” 

Cardio and “minimal effort” seem like an oxymoron, but LISS cardio doesn’t involve a high level of effort or intensity compared to other forms of cardio. Those who are overweight may find it incredibly difficult to engage in something like HIIT cardio or even a steady state run. That’s where LISS cardio truly shines – anyone can include it in their routine.

A nice bike ride or walk (indoors or outdoors) can effectively aid in propelling your weight loss results without getting extremely out of breath and feeling like you need to recover from your cardio sessions. LISS cardio allows you to see results with the least amount of effort possible. 

Another reason why many love LISS cardio for the low-intensity output is that they can use the time productively. Many people listen to industry podcasts or audiobooks that help get them up to speed on new trends and/or ideas or even skills to help them propel in their career. If using something like HIIT cardio, it can be challenging to focus on anything other than taking in enough oxygen to prepare you for your next high-intensity interval. Use your time doing LISS cardio to your advantage.


3.     The Perfect Form of Active Recover from Workouts

If you’re the type of person who likes to kill two birds with one stone, you’ll love what LISS cardio can do for you. Not only can it help you burn fat, but it can help you recover from your resistance training workouts as well. 

Using LISS cardio as a form of “active recovery” can help improve blood flow to the muscles, allowing nutrients and oxygenated blood to flood the muscles and enhance recovery without further taxing the muscles or breaking down the muscle fibers.

The faster you can recover between workouts, the better you’ll be able to perform the next time you step into the gym to do your resistance training workouts.


Convert Fat into Energy to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results 

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You can even combine Evogen Nutrition Carnigen with LISS cardio to enhance your weight loss results. 

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