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Evogen Elite Adds Coach Kodi Hudson of Team DYEL

Evogen Elite Adds Coach Kodi Hudson of Team DYEL

As Evogen Nutrition continues to add quality athletes and coaches to their roster the next in line is Evogen Elite Coach Kodi Hudson, originally from Pacifica, CA.

Kodi started playing baseball from first grade all the way through college where he was a red shirt but lost the passion for the sport and turned to bodybuilding. Kodi started training with weights throughout his sports career beginning with powerlifting techniques from the ages of 16 to 19 but realized he was consistently getting injured. At 20 years old Kodi met his first bodybuilding coach where he fell in love with sport. He has competed two years in six shows, with five first place wins, and two overalls. With recent health setbacks along with the Covid-19 lockdown, Kodi hasn’t been able to compete to his full potential but looks ahead to competing in the years to come.

Kodi admits that competing for him is more of a hobby because he feels that he is a far better coach. The name of his team continues to grow daily Team DYEL, and with clients currently all over the world, Kodi has dedicated himself to coaching completely full time. Kodi signed with Evogen and is excited to be part of the team with Hany Rambod because he always looked up to Hany as a coach and would always see him at expos where he would pick the 22x Olympia winning coach’s brain about coaching. Kodi appreciated the time Hany would take to give him in depth answers, this along with the superior quality of Evogen products is what made Kodi’s mind up to sign with the brand. For his future goals, Kodi wants to have athletes everywhere in the world that dominate the stage the way other Evogen Elite Coaches such as Team Cutz and Team Fidelis currently do now as well, while setting his sights on becoming an IFBB Pro.

Evogen Nutrition headquartered in Campbell, California, and is a rapidly expanding, healthy lifestyle sports nutrition company that designs and creates a cutting-edge line of nutritional supplements. Founded and lead by world class trainer and bodybuilding show promoter Hany Rambod, Evogen's elite products address all categories of an active lifestyle including muscle building, weight loss, and general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. The foundation of Evogen's nutritional protocols are based on the world famous FST-7 physique training system invented by Rambod. Evogen Nutrition is sold in over 40 countries worldwide, including For more information, please visit

Please join us in officially welcoming Evogen Elite Coach Kodi Hudson to the Team!

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