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To Cardio or Not to Cardio in the Off Season

To Cardio or Not to Cardio in the Off Season

To cardio, or not to cardio? That is the age old question question every off season, and as a personal trainer, I've heard all the arguments: "off season is all about gains," and "cardio just isn't my favorite."

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the answer to your questions is “to cardio,” so get ready to break a sweat and quite griping! I'm going to show you three amazing benefits you can get from doing cardio.  

Cardio is the key to maintaining your general health!

Keeping a modest amount of cardio in your routine is key to keeping up both your physical and mental health. Cardio helps maintain a healthy heart, cycling blood and water through your system, which reduces swelling/bloating and improves metabolism. Furthermore, cardio stimulates your mind, and many forms can be considered therapeutic or even meditative.

Favorite meditative cardio: Hiking


Fasted cardio helps set the tone for a successful day!

It gets me out of bed early, so I am able to get more production out of each day, and it gives me a sense of daily accomplishment and positive reinforcement. Fasted cardio also stimulates my appetite, allowing me to eat more (aka more gains), but it also makes me less likely to cheat on my diet, because I won’t want to negate all the effort I put forth.

EvoTip: Try taking Carnigen and Lipocide (aka The Shred Fast Stack) before fasted cardio to help you burn fat while building muscle.

Favorite AM cardio: Stairmaster

img_9497   Cardio

Helps you maintain a lean physique!

I like to stay within 15 pounds of stage weight, so off-season cardio helps me keep within striking range of a competition, photoshoot, expo or pool party physique. 

Favorite high-intensity cardio: Jump Rope

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