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10 TikTok Hacks That Actually Work and Increase Followers

10 TikTok Hacks That Actually Work and Increase Followers

So, you have a TikTok? How often are you posting? Frequently? Are you frustrated that your views aren’t growing and that your following consists of your mom and best friend (which neither of them watches your videos)? Don’t worry! That’s all about to change. There are a few TikTok hacks that you need to be aware of that can drastically improve your ability to get noticed, create viral content, and increase your followers. 

Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not, and unlike most content online that involves TikTok hacks, this isn’t clickbait. In this article, we are going to look at 10 TikTok hacks that actually work. By taking these TikTok hacks and applying them to your social media strategy starting today, you can see an improvement in your views and followers.


Let’s jump into the hacks! 

1. Mention Your TikTok on Various Platforms 

If you want to build your TikTok following and increase your views, you need to get attention. How do you get attention? By promoting your TikTok everywhere. It seems like it would be a no-brainer when it comes to TikTok hacks, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this.

Do you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, a website, a blog, etc.? If so, promote and mention your TikTok on each of those platforms. Something as simple as making a post that says, “Hey, I’m on TikTok, come follow me!” will help get the word out. Be sure to also link your TikTok so that people can click and be redirected to give you a follow — don’t make them go out and search for you, or they never will.


2. Find Your Niche & Target Demographic 

Another one of the TikTok hacks that you MUST follow in order to build your audience is to actually understand who your audience is. Who is your target demographic, and what niche are you catering to?

If you’re into fitness, stick with fitness. If you’re catering to the 18-35 demographic, don’t talk about senior fitness or fitness for kids. Stay in your lane and focus on the road. Likewise, don’t go completely off-topic by making a video about hunting if that’s not your niche. In fact, taking the focus off your niche could cause your audience to stop following you if they feel the videos no longer provide them value.


3. Use the Right Hashtags 

It should go without saying, but there are many people out there just starting, so it’s important to bring this up in our TikTok hacks. Hashtags are how people find you. If they don’t know you or have never heard of you before, hashtags are a great way to get your videos in front of your target audience. If people are looking for #fitnesstips and they find your video while scrolling, it can help increase your views and build your following. 

Only utilize hashtags that make sense for your video. Another hack within our TikTok hacks is to use #FYP and #ForYouPage. Using these two hashtags gives you a better chance of landing in people’s For You Feed.


4. Strategize Your Keywords 

Strategizing your social media is no different than strategizing your SEO for written content to rank on Google. One of the TikTok hacks you need to understand is that using specific keywords can help get you picked up in the algorithm and allow your videos to get seen by more people. 

Use the caption space as your way of explaining your video and inserting keywords into your post to help the TikTok algorithm understand what your post and video are about. If you leave your captions empty or don’t leverage keywords, your ability to get in front of your target demographic is minimized. If you’re talking about HIIT cardio in your video, think about using that term in your caption along with the right keywords mentioned above, such as #HIIT and #HIITcardio, for example.


5. Research Current Trends

Are there current trends that you can jump on? If so, this can be extremely beneficial. If there’s a workout challenge, exercise challenge, etc., going on that you can create content around and leverage… DO IT! 

Jumping on current trends is one of the best TikTok hacks out there to increase your chance of having a viral video and getting picked up and shown in the algorithm. Stay on top of the current trends and if there’s something that aligns with the type of content you put out, make a video (or multiple).


6. Keep the Length Short 

The human attention span is ridiculously short. LOOK, SQUIRREL! Therefore, you don’t want to make your TikTok videos long. In fact, don’t make them longer than 15 seconds. Better yet, try to make them 7 seconds or less when possible.

Creating short videos can keep people coming back to your content. If they must sit through a 55-second video each time, they may skip right over your content due to time constraints. Therefore, the shorter you can make your videos while also bringing value and creating quality content, the better.


7. Don’t Neglect Video Quality

The great thing about technology today is that your smartphone has a decent built-in camera to record your TikTok videos. While there’s no need to go out and purchase a separate camera just to use for social media videos, there’s more to creating a good video than just whipping out your phone and pressing record.

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One of the TikTok hacks you need to focus on is just that… the FOCUS. You want a crystal-clear video, good lighting, excellent audio quality, and amazing visual framing. Putting all these things together will allow you to create something people will want to engage with. All you need to do is bring the value from your end.


8. Understand When Your Audience is Active

TikTok provides you with one of their own TikTok hacks, whether you realize it or not. What am I talking about? Analytics. Just because you post something doesn’t mean it ends there. In order to ensure you get the most views and engagement, you need to post your content when your audience is most active. How do you find that out? By looking at your video analytics. 

After posting your videos, go back and check the analytics to see when your target audience engages with your content. This will give you an idea of when you should be posting your videos to get the most views. It may vary depending on the day of the week, so you may want to keep a journal and constantly look at your data to ensure you post at the most ideal time(s).


9. Post… And Then Post AGAIN 

If you’re looking to build your TikTok following, plan on posting several times each day (somewhere around 5 videos per day). While one video is better than none, more videos give you the ability to reach even more people — especially since TikTok is a global platform and what is posted here in the states may not show up to your audience overseas as they may be sleeping.

Therefore, plan out what videos you will post at what time through the day to get the best exposure. Then, like mentioned above, check the analytics and make any necessary adjustments to the time when you post.


10. Be Authentic in Your Videos 

Rounding out our TikTok hacks that actually work and increase followers is authenticity. For starters, if you’re faking it and creating a phony persona, people will see right through it and stop watching your content. Likewise, if you’re not acting like yourself in your content, you (yourself) may not feel right when creating the videos and lose interest. Therefore, you should focus on being yourself in your content and letting your personality show through in your content from the very first post.

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