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FST7 Tip Time Under Tension vs. Heavy Lifting with Hany Rambod

FST7 Tip Time Under Tension vs. Heavy Lifting with Hany Rambod

In this week's FST-7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition, 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod discusses the difference between time under tension TUT vs. heavy lifting. What do you need for your workouts? Both. Listen as The Pro Creator explains why you need to infuse both of these protocols into your workout.

Here's something you need to consider when you're training... Anyone can swing the weights around quickly and act like they're doing something. Unfortunately, that sets you up for a potential injury as well as the fact that you're only spinning your wheels. You need to slow things down and fully reap the benefits of time under tension vs. heavy lifting.

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Sure, you need to be lifting heavy weights and constantly trying to progressively overload the muscle, but heavy lifting alone isn't going to get the job done. Listen to what Hany Rambod has to say about time under tension vs. heavy lifting and start applying this principle to your training today!



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