Team Evogen couldn’t be prouder of its rising star Lauren Findley. This past weekend she competed in the NPC South Jersey Championships and brought home not only a win in her class, but also the overall win for figure across all classes. Lauren brought a balance of great lines, symmetry, and aesthetics to the stage this past weekend.

(Check out Lauren’s competition photos here.)

Even better, she was able to achieve victory in her first competition under the guidance of master physique coach and Evogen CEO Hany “the Pro Creator” Rambod. These days Hany has cut down his massive client base to focus on a handful of elite physique athletes and promising up-and-comers like Lauren. With hard work and consistency, Lauren brought an amazing overall look to the stage under his watchful eye.

So what’s next for Lauren? Her goal this summer is to stay lean and enjoy the beach. There is no doubt that Lauren’s youthful appearance is a result of knowing how to balance life with competing. Many times Hany’s clients only compete once per year focusing on quality of life with the highly competitive “prep life” which many times takes extreme focus.

Also, Lauren will be featured in some new ad campaigns showing her athletic physique in action. Her training doesn’t just involve slinging around weights in the gym, as she often enjoys brutal HIIT workouts at the track. Stay tuned as Evogen ramps up exclusive content this summer with Lauren and the rest of the team.

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