FST-7 Tips: Hany's thoughts on Massage Guns? Active Therapy?

FST-7 Tips: Hany's thoughts on Massage Guns? Active Therapy?

In this week's FST-7 tip of the week powered by Evogen Nutrition, Hany Rambod offers his thoughts on using massage guns for active therapy.

The 22X Olympia winning coach discusses the importance of active therapy and how massage guns or foam roller can contribute to releasing the muscle.

However, he also notes that there is nothing better than deep tissue massage for release. Massage guns are good in addition to massage, but not a replacement when it comes to putting pressure on the muscle to actively release the muscle.

With more and more people getting massage guns for home use, Hany figured it would be a good idea to dive a little deeper into the topic and help you get a better understanding of how to properly use massage guns to your advantage.

If you suffer from intense muscle soreness, stiffness, or the inability to release a muscle fully, you don't want to miss Hany's latest video explaining his thoughts on massage guns and everything surrounding the topic.

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