FST-7 Tips: Dumbbell Lat Pull Over

FST-7 Tips: Dumbbell Lat Pull Over

In this week's FST-7 Tip of the Week powered by Evogen Nutrition, 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod teaches 6X Ms. Figure Olympia Champion Cydney Gillon variations of the dumbbell lat pull over movement.

There are a few different variations of this exercise starting with grip.  You can go wider holding the edges of the dumbbell or if you are using higher weight you can put the dumbbell in between both palms of your hands to drive it vertically.

The second variation is your hip position. You can drop your hips or you can raise your hips up perpendicular to the floor.  You will get much more of a stretch and more range of motion with your hips down.

An advanced FST-7 variation your training partner can apply pressure to the dumbbell for added resistance.

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