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FST-7 Tips: Improve Your Vascularity

FST-7 Tips: Improve Your Vascularity

FST-7 Tip of the Week powered by Evogen Nutrition. 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod talks about how to improve your vascularity.

Learn from The Pro Creator and Team Evogen Elite athletes each week in this ongoing FST-7 tip of the week series designed to provide you with valuable insight to help your training, nutrition, and supplementation from the best in the business.

In this installment, Hany Rambod wants to help you achieve roadmap vascularity. Who doesn’t want to showcase a rock-hard and ripped physique? But one thing that goes along with being ripped and having a physique that turns heads is crazy vascularity. Everyone has their opinion on how to improve your vascularity, but “The Pro Creator” Hany Rambod has the truth on the subject! 

Sure, naturally lean people have an easier time showing vascularity simply due to always walking around at a low body fat percentage. But if you aren’t exactly blessed with the “leanness gene,” there are other ways to improve your vascularity.

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The first thing you should look to do if you aren’t necessarily lean is (you guessed it) get lean. The leaner you are, the easier it is to improve your vascularity. 

Another tip to improve your vascularity is to utilize a pre-workout that contains pump ingredients. Think about something along the lines of an Evogen EVP pre-workout, especially the EVP-AQ, which was created for the whole purpose of helping to boost nitric oxide production, increase vasodilation, and allow you to achieve crazy vascularity.

Many people who are lean but lack vascularity are what is known as being “flat.” Pre-workouts can help change that as well as incorporating sodium in your diet and pre-workout.

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