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Get 3D All Day with Proper Supplement Stacking

Get 3D All Day with Proper Supplement Stacking

Have you ever wondered how guys around you seem to be full and jacked all day long? They have that 3D look to them nearly all the time. What kind of magic is this you may wonder? Well, first and foremost, the work involved to attain a 3D look is no easy feat. In fact, it takes a lot of work and dedication both in and out of the gym. However, there are some tricks of the trade that allow them to look vascular, full, and jacked throughout the day. Some of which comes down to supplement stacking.

In this article, I’m going to break down some of the most beneficial stacks (and products) that Evogen Nutrition has put together that can help you attain that 3D volumizing look throughout the day and not just while you’re in the gym. No more needing to guess what would work well together to enhance your supplement stacking, Hany and Evogen Nutrition have taken out the guesswork with their stacks so you can reap all of the rewards from your training and dedication.

There are a few key products that make up most of these supplement stacking protocols. The volumizing effects come from these specific products:



EVP is the originator of the stim-free pre-workout category and was Hany Rambod’s very first products he launched with Evogen. While the direction of the industry was moving towards the use of heavy stimulants, Hany knew there was a better way to focus on attaining that 3D look where your muscles are fuller and harder. EVP will provide you with nootropic properties, vasodilation, and improved performance without the use of carbs, sugar, or added calories.


EVP Plus

When used pre-workout, EVP Plus is an extremely potent muscle volumizer. With the ability to increase intra-cellular fluid and cytoplasmic expansion, EVP Plus can increase cell volume – providing you with that 3D and pumped look you are trying to achieve from your workouts and throughout the day.


EVP Xtreme

They don’t call it Xtreme for nothing! And with pumps so insane, your ability to achieve that 3D look has never been easier. In fact, some customers using EVP Xtreme have even been asked if they photoshop their images. Utilizing patented ingredients to increase muscle volumization, EVP Xtreme takes nitric oxide production to the next level.


Cell K.E.M.

Composed of muscle volumizers and repair agents, this product helps improve muscle growth and recovery following workouts. Cell K.E.M. is an all-in-one recovery solution that also has vasodilation properties to not only shuttle nutrients into the muscles but also help maintain your pump long after your workout is over.


This hyper-volumizing complex helps flood the muscles with fluid and nutrients. Essentially, causing your muscles to expand and attain a full look. The patented carbohydrate source improves nutrient transport to quickly and effectively shuttle out to the muscles to fill them out while also replenishing glycogen levels.

GlycoJect Performance Enhancing Carbohydrate Matrix


3D Supplement Stacking Combos You Should Consider

  1. Elite Volumizing Plus Stack

The Elite Volumizing Plus Stack is a pump-inducing duo of EVP Plus and Cell K.E.M. This duo helps increase muscle size, strength, and power while providing the nitric oxide boost needed to help achieve that 3D look you’ve been looking for.


  1. Pro Creator Plus Stack

This is supplement stacking at its finest when you’re looking to inflate your muscles like balloons. Used by many IFBB professionals, the Pro Creator Plus Stack was created to provide the most elite athletes the ability to improve their physique with Hany Rambod’s precise combination of muscle volumizing ingredients along with the ability to increase strength and recovery. This stack includes Glycoject, EVP, and Cell K.E.M. to produce the ultimate physique volumizing and hardening combo.


  1. Elite Volumizing Xtreme Stack 

Helping to improve volumization and vascularity, the Elite Volumizing Xtreme Stack is a pre and intra-workout stack that also improves strength, power, and muscular size. No workout is too intense when you use this combination. With patented ingredients that have been proven to work, you can feel the difference in your training from the very first dose.

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