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FST-70 Hany Rambod's Tips For The Perfect Bicep Curl

FST-70 Hany Rambod's Tips For The Perfect Bicep Curl

FST-70 Tip of The Week Powered by Evogen Nutrition. This week's tip is from 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod and 212 Olympia Champ Derek Lunsford with tips for the perfect bicep curl.

In this weekend series, you'll learn valuable training, nutrition and supplementation tips in 70 seconds or less from the Founder of FST-7 training Hany Rambod or one of the Team Evogen Elite athletes. 

Have you been doing biceps curls for ages and still have small arms? Then you're not doing the perfect bicep curl. Don't worry, you're not alone.

Far too many people swing the weight up without ever fully controlling the contraction and therefore they aren't activating maximum muscle fibers. When it comes to the perfect bicep curl, it's clear that guys like Derek Lunsford has it down to a science.

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If you want to build massive arms like IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Derek Lunsford, chec out this video of him with his coach Hany Rambod as they explain exactly what the perfect bicep curl looks like and how to execute the movement to add massive size to your bis.

Don't miss this video!


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