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FST-70 Tips For Your First Bodybuilding Show

FST-70 Tips For Your First Bodybuilding Show

Are you prepping for your first bodybuilding show and need some tips from Hany Rambod, 22X Olympia Winning Coach himself? LOOK NO FURTHER as The Pro Creator, CEO of Evogen and Founder of FST-7 Training shares his mental and physical tips to help get you through your most difficult show – your first.

Many people think that if you simply cut calories and do cardio, you'll be shredded walking into their first bodybuilding show. If only it were that easy. The part many fail to realize is that the mental aspect of getting ready for your first bodybuilding show could be your biggest hurdle.

On top of the mental aspect of getting ready for your first bodybuilding show, there will be points during your prep where your body will have a mind of its own and you'll find it difficult to see progress after steadily moving in the right direction.

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Hany Rambod is going to lay down some knowledge bombs for you to absorb so that you can make your first bodybuilding show prep as easy as possible (if that's really even possible). But at least you can learn from one of the best coaches to ever live and use his tips to help you along during your prep.

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