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FST-70 Cardio Tips For Wellness Competitors

FST-70 Cardio Tips For Wellness Competitors

FST-70 Tip of The Week Powered by Evogen Nutrition. In this weekend series, you'll learn valuable training, nutrition and supplementation tips in 70 seconds or less from 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod or one of the Team Evogen Elite athletes. 

This week's tip is...

IFBB Wellness Pro Dr. Sunny Andrews cardio tips for NPC/IFBB Wellness competitors. Follow Sunny and Hany as they provide three reasons why the Stairmaster is beneficial, when is the best time to do it and the ideal intensity level.

Wellness competitors need to train differently than bikini, figure, and fitness competitors. Why? Because their goals and look on stage are drastically different. The Stairmaster is one of the best cardio tips for wellness competitors if they want to command attention on stage.

In this video, Sunny Andrews hops on the Stairmaster under the watchful eye of Hany Rambod as he explains why using a Stairmaster seems to be one of the unspoken cardio tips for wellness competitors who want to keep their legs full, yet lean.

Watch the video to find out more!

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