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FST-7 Tip of The Week Maximizing Incline Chest Press with Hany Rambod

FST-7 Tip of The Week Maximizing Incline Chest Press with Hany Rambod

FST-7 Tip of The Week powered by Evogen Nutrition. 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod provides 3 useful tips on how to build a 3D chest by maximizing incline chest press.  Follow The Pro Creator as IFBB Pro Andrei Deiu demonstrates these useful techniques to maximize your workout.

  1. Shoulders back, back arched
  2. Breathe throughout the set
  3. Increase intensity with partial reps

One of the areas where most men lack size and density is their upper chest. Building that shelf provides an aesthetic and muscular-looking physique and completes a well-rounded chest.

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Whether you're looking to step on stage or simply look and feel your best, you can learn from Hany Rambod and understand how maximizing incline chest press can drastically improve the overall shape of your chest.

Don't miss how Hany Rambod pushes Andrei Deiu by maximizing incline chest press. Watch the video and use his strategies in the gym and in your own workouts.

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