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70 Seconds on FST-7 Walking Lunges

70 Seconds on FST-7 Walking Lunges

Are you looking to build some impressive legs? If so, you definitely want to add some FST-7 walking lunges to your leg day.

FST-7 walking lunges improve balance, posture, and hip flexibility. They involve less back strain that bigger movements such as squats and when you get the core stability down you can really hone in on isolating the glutes and hamstrings.

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In this video, Hany Rambod trainer to 22 Olympia titles talks you through how he has his clients get the most out of doing FST-7 walking lunges. 

FST-7 Walking Lunges

Here's how to do walking lunges.

  • Drive off of the front heel
  • Avoid pushing with the back toe
  • Lift with a high knee with a slight pause at the top
  • Keep the movement slow on the descent to create stability and engage core muscles
  • Keep steps at a moderate comfortable stride
  • Keep your chest up, head up and look forward

Give these FST-7 walking lunges a try during your next leg day and we're willing to bet you're going to feel it the next few days following the workout.

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