Train with The Pro Creator: Andrei Hammers FST-7 Legs, Part 1

Train with The Pro Creator: Andrei Hammers FST-7 Legs, Part 1


Immediately following the 2019 Arnold Expo, 22X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod flew in Team Evogen Elite's newest IFBB Pro Andrei Deiu. They recently spent the week training together at WESTCA in San Jose to work on specific body parts Rambod wants Andrei to improve upon. In the case of this video, they hit FST-7 legs to help bring up Andrei's wheels.

But to be honest, Andrei has some great wheels as is, but in order to balance out the Romanian's massive upper body, Hany wants to focus on bringing Andrei's legs up to create an overall better and aesthetic physique for the stage this year.

Go behind the scenes as Hany prepares Andrei for the workout opening with an FST-7 set on leg extensions to maximize pump and blood flow pushing him beyond his limits to stimulate muscle growth by pushing through the pain.

Don't miss this FST-7 legs workout! Feel free to take what you find in the video and apply it to your own workouts this week! Let us know how it went if you try it.


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Amazing work out ?!!!!

Marisela Gallegos

Hello can i train with you.i started training and for 1 year i add 22 kg now im 96 kg my body fat is 26%


I m from India plZ Help

Ketan desai

Great insight! These are things a great coach brings to the table! The little things we overlook!

Paul Panepinto

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