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Tory Woodward Hustle & Flow

Tory Woodward Hustle & Flow


Approaching another Olympia appearance Tory Woodward is well balanced on and off stage. In this installment of Objective: Olympia, Tory Woodward explores the business side of what he does.

One thing that not many people understand is that bodybuilding is a business. This is how many competitors make a living. They need to understand the assignment and put in the work as if they are punching the clock for a normal 9-5.

All that being said, bodybuilders like Tory Woodward don't simply shut down at 5pm like most jobs. Nope. In fact, Tory Woodward and other bodybuilders are focused 24 hours a day to win. They need to focus on their meals, training, rest, supplements, and more. This is an all-day, everyday, job.

Check out this video with Tory Woodward where he breaks it all down!

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