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VIP Train with The Pro Creator Boys vs. Girls Side Laterals

VIP Train with The Pro Creator Boys vs. Girls Side Laterals


In this bonus episode, the boys take on the girls doing side laterals rep for rep. Follow Amaud Hines, the 2019 Train with the Pro Creator VIP experience winner with Hany Rambod 22X Olympia winning coach and the rest of Team Evogen to Metroflex Long Beach.

First up IFBB Pro Andrei Deiu takes on IFBB Figure Pro Sandra Grajales.

Next Amaud Hines takes on NPC Figure Champ Lauren Findley.

In the third round, Team Evogen’s Abed Adawi squares off with IFBB Bikini Pro Raphaela Milagres.

In the final round, Men’s Physique Champ Frank Bugner goes rep for rep with IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Jenelle.

The teams finished up with two wins each, so Rambod suggested a sudden death tie-breaker. Our VIP winner Amaud stepped up to represent the boys with Sandra rep’n the girls side by side to decide the champ.

Who do you think won the showdown in overtime?

Follow behind the scenes for all the commentary in this first ever boys vs. girls competition!

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  • Seems great


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