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Evogen's VIP Winner Trains with Hany Rambod and Jeremy Buendia, Part II

Evogen's VIP Winner Trains with Hany Rambod and Jeremy Buendia, Part II

In episode II, follow Amaud Hines, the 2019 Train with the Pro Creator Evogen VIP winner with Hany Rambod 22X Olympia winning coach to the famous Firehouse in Venice Beach before the team stops at Gold’s Venice for a tour of The Mecca.

Amaud and Hany head over to Metroflex Long Beach to meet up with 4X Olympia Men’s Physique Champ Jeremy Buendia to train FST-7 chest in a special 1on1 training session.

Hines wanted to know what it was like to train with the champ and quickly found out why Rambod and Buendia have been so successful together.

“During lunch I learned that Amaud won the Overall Men’s Physique title at one of my Spectrum shows. So I wanted to show him what it takes to train to be the best. So I had Jeremy come down and we put him through a tough FST-7 workout. He hung in there and never backed off when I pushed him. That’s what it takes to be a champion. I’m really happy he's the Evogen VIP winner because I know he’ll put what he learned with me to good use when he gets back to the gym to prep for the 2019 Arnold Amateur. Good luck!” said Rambod.

Amaud hung rep for rep with Jeremy getting into static holds and squeezing after each exercise to pump excess blood into the muscle.

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