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Train with Team Evogen: Lauren's Call To Arms with Kayla Lesko

Train with Team Evogen: Lauren's Call To Arms with Kayla Lesko

Team Evogen Elite athlete Lauren Findley had been talking with Kayla Lesko on Instagram for over a year. Originally, Kayla reached out to Lauren noting she was her inspiration to begin training and the two formed a bond. Recently Lauren checked in with Kayla and suggested she Kayla sign up for Team Evogen Elite as she was already taking all of the products and had the look Evogen was going for as well. Findley then reached out to Evogen's Athlete Manager Joe Volgey who asked where Kayla was from, suggesting that Lauren offer to train with her and the company would come out and surprise her to welcome her to the team with some free product and film the training session as well. Lauren said, “This is what I love about being an Team Evogen athlete. The company gives me the opportunity to connect with my fans from all over the world. This was really fun because Kayla had absolutely no idea that Evogen was going to come out and film the workout. I love this stuff!" Follow Lauren behind the scenes as she meets up with Kayla at Jersey Shore Fitness in Bradley Beach, NJ for a call to arms workout. [embedyt][/embedyt] “As cliche as this may sound, to meet Lauren was a dream come true. To train with her was the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you Hany Rambod and thank you Evogen. You have a customer for life.” said Kayla Lesko. Want a chance to train with Lauren or your favorite Team Evogen Elite athlete? Sign up today at [block id="stroopwafel"]
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