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COMING SOON! Introducing three new products: Evovite Powder, Evolog & Evodreams

COMING SOON! Introducing three new products: Evovite Powder, Evolog & Evodreams

Evogen Nutrition is excited to announce three ALL NEW products, Evovite Powder, Evolog, and Evodreams. All three products will be added to our line this fall, and we're eager to share this sneak peek on each one with you!



EVOVITE Powder is the latest addition to the Evogen Naturals Line. Think of EVOVITE Powder as a potent nutritional insurance for your fitness lifestyle. Our goal is to bridge health and physique perfection, and we firmly believe EVOVITE helps to achieve this. EVOVITE is far beyond a mere high-potency multivitamin. It’s really three supplements in one:
  1. A multivitamin/mineral formula with exceptional ingredient forms
  2. A clinically validated beta-alanine supplement
  3. A technologically superior curcumin supplement


MELATONIN & HORMONE FREE FORMULATION MAXIMUM > SLEEP, RECOVERY, CNS RESET Quality sleep and rest is the most powerful tool in any athlete’s recovery protocol. When you sleep, your body has a chance to replenish all off its various neurotransmitters, release growth hormone, and most importantly allow your muscles to rebuild themselves. Without optimal sleep, none of these critical recovery factors can be accomplished. In addition, you run the risk of gaining unnecessary weight due to increased insulin resistance. For these reasons, EVODREAM was formulated as the first MELATONIN FREE sleep aide that will knock you out when you need it most and will leave you waking up rested and refreshed. Isn’t it time you’ve made your dreams into reality?!


MAXIMUM – DIGESTION, GLUCOSE OPTIMIZATION, MUSCLE VOLUME If you want to put on quality muscle, there are no shortcuts. It’s essential you consistently train hard, but more importantly that you eat enough. For hard-gainers, sometimes eating enough quality calories can be a challenge, and what makes it more difficult is trying to limit unwanted fat gain in the process. The reality is that carbs are not the enemy and are actually essential for that 3D muscle volume effect. Do you want to eat more carbs with less worry? Do you want maximum muscle volume after every meal? What coach is known for producing insane physique results? EVOLOG IS THE ANSWER!   Keep an eye out for these products this fall! Check out the product pages for Evovite Powder, Evolog, and Evodreams to learn more!

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  • I see many comments about “when” will you have EVODREAMS in stock again. But I do not see any answer to this question. I am trying to find HOW to buy this product from your website. Do you still sell this product?

    Mary Kate
  • Where’s evodreams? If it’s out of stock when will it be coming back ?

    Jayson Chu
  • I’m out of Evodreams. When will there be more?!

    Jesus Rojel

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