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COMING SOON! Evogreens in Chocolate and Berry

COMING SOON! Evogreens in Chocolate and Berry

At Evogen Nutrition, we don’t think it’s fair that so many supplement products on the market sacrifice flavor quality when they switch to natural ingredients. The Evogen Naturals line was created as a solution to this issue, to provide consumers with an alternative to mainstream supplements that utilize synthetic or artificial ingredients, colors or sweeteners, while maintaining the flavor quality you’ve come to expect from Evogen products. We’re excited to announce that Evogreens is now available in TWO NEW FLAVORS, Chocolate and Berry!

These flavors are joining the previously released Lemon Mint flavor of Evogreens in the Evogen Naturals line of supplements. Evogreens features all-natural ingredients, excluding any artificial colors, flavors, etc., and both Chocolate and Berry flavors are now available to order on the Evogreens page.

Evogreens, our Premium Performance Greens Formula, was designed specifically to address the needs of physique athletes that train hard. The goal was to provide strategically selected ingredients to not only help detoxify and nourish the body, but to accelerate overall recovery and well-being in a manner other “super food” products cannot. Our goal was to reset the perspective on functional “greens” products, and we accomplished that with Evogreens.

This isn’t another “kitchen sink” greens product with 60-70 under-dosed ingredients. Everything in Evogreens serves a purpose directly related to training with your health in mind, and helping your physique recover and detoxify from the everyday grind.

We even took it a step further and included potent and shelf-stable probiotics that not only support immune health, but more importantly the well-being of your GI tract. This helps ensure the macro and micronutrient elements of your diet get absorbed properly.

To learn more about Evogreens and its many beneficial ingredients, check out the product page here.

Needing to get yourself a new Evogen Naturals Shaker? You can purchase one here.

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